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My Jewel Box: 29th Birthday Rings #LoveGold

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Every year, when September rolls around I am more aware of what is on my wish list because my birthday is on the 8th!  I always like to commemorate turning another year older with a ring to add to my collection.  This year I got lucky because I got three!  One I purchased as a gift to myself (which I think is important for a woman to do), one from my parents, and one from my fiance.  Each has an important story:

From my fiance: 14k yellow gold pearl dangle ring

This ring came from where I work, Walton’s Antique Jewelry.  A daily task that I am responsible for is going through the jewelry that the store has purchased, and choosing what to keep and what to melt down.  That means I get to see the inventory before anyone else!  If something comes through that I absolutely love, I will put it aside in an envelope.  Well, my envelope had two rings in it and my fiance’s task was to choose one as my birthday present.  I let him have some help, by posting the two rings and asking my Instagram followers to choose!  It was a pretty close competition, but hearing everyone’s comments also helped!  I’m glad he choose the pearl dangle ring in 14k yellow gold because it is really unique and I don’t have too many pearls in my collection.

From my parents: 14k yellow gold cabochon ruby & sapphire ring, circa 1900

I was so thrilled to have this ring as a part of my collection.  It comes from an estate of a long-time antique jewelry collector named Ellie.  She recently decided to sell over half her jewelry that she has been collecting for over 40 years.  She is a tiny and sweet older woman whom I admire…the ring fit my finger perfectly, and didn’t need to be sized.  It is from turn-of-the-century and the yellow gold band has a ridge all the way around.  The ring is set with two cabochon cut rubies and sapphires, with a couple rose cut diamonds.  I will treasure it just as Ellie did!

From myself: 18k yellow gold shell ring from Lena Skadegard

I love when designers use interesting and unconventional objects mixed in with 18k gold–this ring is set with a small shell with the prettiest pattern mother nature created!  I saw the ring on Instagram, mixed with a stack of bezel set gemstone rings, all in 18k yellow gold and it caught my eye!  What better way to mix up a remedial stack than to add a shell ring!  The ring is from Lena Skadegard.

Do you have a special piece of gold jewelry you’ve recently got for your birthday?  Send me a picture, I’d love to see! 


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