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Mother’s Day Gift Guide with Ross-Simons Jewelry

Ross- Simons | Gem Gossip

Ross- Simons | Gem Gossip

Ross- Simons | Gem Gossip

Mother’s Day is going to be a very special day for me this year, as I’m expecting my little one at any moment.  I’ve been reflecting on motherhood this entire pregnancy and have also been re-evaluating my jewelry box along the way by having a more sentimental take on things. I want my jewelry to be special, hold some sort of meaning and be tied to beautiful memories. I know you all do too, which is why with this Mother’s Day coming up, you may be in the market to buy your mom, your mother-in-law, yourself, or someone who is a mother figure to you a piece that will be treasured forever. Ross-Simons has so many great options and I’ve chosen some really pretty pieces as potential Mother’s Day gifts — this time I’ve used myself, my own mom, and my mother-in-law, as my examples of what each person would love to have/wear. So when I chose the pieces, I looked at the Ross-Simons catalog from each of our perspectives!

We all have our own styles and preferences, for example I like bold and unique…my mom loves floral jewelry and bright colors…and my mother-in-law loves classic and wearable. The best part? Ross-Simons has jewelry that covers each and every type of style, so I knew there would be pieces for anyone no matter who I’m shopping for! Above, I’m wearing all of our picks in multiple different ways so you can see what these jewels look like on. From bracelets to necklaces…even an ear cuff, and price points that will work for any budget. Hope you enjoy this Mother’s Day gift guide!

Ross-Simons Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gifts I would want!

The day I found out I was pregnant still seems very surreal. When I set out to choose what I would want from Ross-Simons for my very first Mother’s Day, I choose some items that are sentimental, unique and different…and also what I’m currently missing/needing in my jewelry box. I love lockets and if you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that lockets were my first foray into collecting jewelry. Ross-Simons has a really great variety of lockets, some which can be engraved. I chose two lockets, one medium sized and another small (from the kid’s jewelry department). I love the idea of layering lockets of various sizes and these two were exactly the look I had in mind. You can even eventually pass down both lockets once you put a sentimental photo in each.

The other necklace I chose was for its uniqueness — I love the blue sandstone, the sunburst motif of the pendant and also the fact that the gold beads move like a shaker necklace. It is perfect for a trendy mom who would want something really different and fun.

I chose the ear cuff because I can’t get enough of them at the moment — this one is light and airy, has a cool pattern and such a great price point!  If you’ve ever wanted to try an ear cuff without breaking the bank, I highly recommend this one!  And the bracelet is the last item, as I’ve been lacking in the bracelet department and really loved this one as soon as I laid eyes on it. This piece is bold, classic and lightweight — from the Ross-Simons Italian collection.

14k yellow gold open Ear Cuff, Price: $59.50

14k yellow gold Heart Locket Necklace with single diamond, Price: $279.30

14k yellow gold Child’s Heart Locket Necklace with single diamond, Price: $136.50

14k yellow gold Blue Sandstone Sun Pendant Necklace with gold station chain, Price: $805

14k yellow gold Italian Link Graduated Cuff bracelet, Price: $1536.50

Ross-Simons Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gifts Curated for My Mom!

My mom is shown here, pregnant with me in 1984. Her style has obviously evolved since then, but one thing has always remained the same: when she wears jewelry, it is minimal but impactful. She loves bright colors and flowers, so I immediately browsed Ross-Simons’ curated selection of floral-inspired jewelry. The pink plique a jour enamel flower pendant grabbed my attention right away — she would love this! The detail on this piece is really great, all made in Italy and done in 18k gold. I know she has her ears pierced and likes to either wear hoops or studs, so a pair of flower stud earrings would really make her smile. These are blue topaz and diamond, set in 14k yellow gold. If your mom likes flowers too, I say skip the bouquet this year and get her some flowers that last forever!  Flower jewelry is such a great choice for this occasion.

Another option for my mom would be this gold fringe necklace, as I’ve pointed out before, a necklace like this makes a wonderful base to stack and layer other necklace styles with. This Italian dangle option is so pretty and the quality of it is amazing for the price. I also think any age could pull this off!

My mom also loves rings, so I made a couple choices for her that I know she would love! First, the major amethyst ring because I know she loves purple and the bold size of it commands attention. I love the way this stone is set and it really shows off its shape and color. Second ring, another fun color — blue topaz and this one is totally unique because the band is not gold or even a metal…it is black jade! Love the contrast of the two materials and it makes a statement. Just a heads up, you should be sure you know the right size when buying this one since jade can’t be sized. I would size up 1/2-1 whole size because of the thickness of this ring as well.

18k yellow gold Italian Pink Enamel Flower pendant, Price: $262.50

14k yellow gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Flower stud earrings, Price: $349.30

14k yellow gold Blue Topaz and Black Jade ring, Price: $136.50

14k yellow gold Rectangular Amethyst Solitaire ring, Price: $299

14k yellow gold Italian Graduated Drops Fringe Necklace, Price: $416.50

Ross-Simons Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gifts Curated for My Mother-in-Law

When choosing what pieces from Ross-Simons for my mother-in-law, I reflected on her classic jewelry style and favorite types of jewelry she wears on a daily basis. I wanted to add some pieces to her daily jewels that would complement what she already has and wears. Dainty bracelets like the opal and onyx ones shown will stack seamlessly with her watch and other bracelets. I chose the opal one because it is her birthstone and also the onyx one because black is timeless and will go with anything she wears.

The other bracelet from Ross-Simons that I chose for my mother-in-law is the Greek Key motif done in 14k yellow gold. This decorative motif has been a favorite for centuries and this bracelet does a beautiful job of executing a classic design. Add it to any bracelet stack to give it a whole new look. Two other classics that I know my mother-in-law would like are a pair of gold hoops and stackable, textured gold bands. Both of these pieces will never go out of style, can be worn day or night, and you can’t beat the price. I chose these gold hoops because they’re bold, yet lightweight and not too big/small — they’re just right! 🙂 Also the bands are fun to stack and although they come with a gold bar holding them all together as one piece, you can easily get a jewelry to remove the bar so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

14k yellow gold Huggie Hoop earrings, Price: $94.50

14k yellow gold Greek Key bracelet, Price: $486.50

14k yellow gold Black Onyx Chain bracelet, Price: $169

14k yellow gold Oval Opal Chain bracelet, Price: $136.50

14k yellow gold Set of Three Stackable Textured bands, Price: $245

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