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Golden Gifts for Mother’s Day with May Is Gold Month

Mother's Day | Gem Gossip

Mother's Day | Gem Gossip

I think I’ve Googled “when is Mother’s Day” about 10 times in the past few weeks!  This holiday always sneaks up on me and I now fully know that it is in fact on May 12th this year! This will be a special Mother’s Day for me, as I’m now 8 months pregnant and honestly can sense motherhood on the horizon. It is such a special time and when that moment comes, the only part of my baby’s life that I will want to go by quickly will be the delivery part!! The rest can slow down. My mom tells me all the time that she wishes my sisters and I were still little. I have always known that Mother’s Day is a very special day, as I’m so thankful for my mom, however I think once I become a mom myself the holiday will be a whole new experience for me.

I love the idea of showering mom with gifts on this day and I know there are SO many possibilities out there on what to get mom, depending on her style and what she is all about (what one mom would consider a special gift might not be everyone’s ideal present). For me, obviously jewelry will forever be my number one gift choice, both for myself and for loved ones. Karat gold jewelry has an impactful and long-lasting unspoken value that I treasure, knowing the piece will last forever if I take care of it. My mom has a few things stashed away that are her favorite Mother’s Day gifts — like little hand written notes and drawings from us as kids and a couple of pieces of fine jewelry. Notice how it is items like these, that have sentimental value that are truly special and end up being remembered/treasured the most.

I’ve teamed up with May Is Gold Month to write this blog feature about my top karat gold pieces I would recommend as Mother’s Day gifts.  I love how May Is Gold Month allowed me to choose ANYTHING I wanted, as long as it was solid gold (something I already require when I feature anything on here). It was so much fun choosing what I think would be most special for a mom — I ended up evolving this project into something that I’m really proud of, as this curation speaks volumes. Here’s a break down of what I mean:

1 — I ended up honing in on Necklaces only because to me, they are the easiest type of jewelry to gift (everyone has a neck, and most sizes fit all)

2 — The categories of karat gold necklaces was organically created based off items I was choosing, which are Lockets, Charms, Engraved/Personalized, Meaningful/Sentimental, and Trendy/Cool.

3 — Another awesome aspect of this list of jewels is that every piece is from a jewelry designer that is a MOM! (I totally didn’t set out to have that happen)

With that said, I’ve asked each designer who has jewelry featured here to comment on what the best part of motherhood is to them.


Ariel of Ariel Gordon Jewelry:

The best part of motherhood is the moments I have with my kids when I see their personality developing.  Obviously as a mom I have a big role to play in crafting their lives, but they are each very much themselves and as they are growing older, I’m getting to see their little lights shine brighter as individuals. Their sense of humor, their physicality, their fears, their preferences…. sometimes it blows my mind that I made them (with some help from my husband).

Susan of Susan Siegel Jewelry:

From the moment you have your baby in your arms , you feel a love like you have never felt before.It is incredibly powerful. It is a very special love between a mother and child. The other thing that I have enjoyed so much about being a Mom are all the times my daughter made me laugh, because of the silly and adorable things she did. When I think about some of these funny and memorable times I can still find myself smiling and laughing. It’s all about lots of love and laughter.

Monica of Monica Rich Kosann:

When they grow up and become your best friends!

Alexis of Alexis Kletjian Jewelry:

I find it hard to describe the one best thing, since the many phases of motherhood are simultaneously good and bad. (Teenagers!) But, I’d have to say my heart melts when my children step up and take care of me when I need it the most. Through their actions or emotions, in those moments I get to see glimpses of who they’ll become, displaying the values I work hard to help them develop. Mothers sacrifice a lot for the ones they love, so to be seen and cared for in return, well, that’s really all you can ask for…

Marla of Marla Aaron Jewelry:

You will never NOT be a mother again. You are changed forever the moment you have a child–however you have a child.
For me it can be summed up like this. The night my son was born (almost 19 years ago now) I’m lying in the hospital room after I had him and they wheel him back into the room in his little “container” and the nurse puts him in my arms, and starts to walk away. I say to  her, “Are you leaving? What do I do now?”  kind of panicked. And she said, “You’ll figure it out,” and left the room. Just like that.
In that exact moment,  I remember looking at my son, holding him, quite literally terrified,  with this little beautiful creature in my arms and knowing,  right then and there, that my world had changed forever.
And it did.

Emily “Duff” Duffelmeyer of Jean Jean Vintage:

Motherhood is a time machine: it takes you back in time to your own childhood and it propels you forward into your golden years. You understand your past and your parents as never before, and you also come to understand the brevity of life. As you watch your child grow and take a place in the world, you feel the slow transfer of life, of love, of hope, of gifts, of collagen (ha!) from your generation to the next generation. You really see – sometimes with painful clarity – the arc of life and your new place in it. Humbling, joyful stuff!

Mother's Day | Gem Gossip

Without further ado, here are my top choices for perfect karat gold necklaces for Mother’s Day — from left to right:


14k yellow gold Medium Lock on 24″ yellow gold rolo chain, by Marla Aaron

14k yellow gold Imperial Disc pendant necklace (can be customized), by Ariel Gordon Jewelry

14k yellow gold Shield Yourself charm pendant (can be customized for birthstone), by Alexis Kletjian Jewelry

14k yellow gold Meander Lock on 24″ Handmade Biker Chain, by Marla Aaron

14k yellow gold Golden Goose pendant on 22″ rope chain, by Ariel Gordon Jewelry

14k yellow gold Tiniest Key Charm (can engrave up to 4 characters on it), by Catbird NYC

14k yellow gold Signet Dog Tag necklace (can engrave 2 initials), by Ariel Gordon Jewelry

14k yellow gold Medium Lock on 15″ Square Link Chain, by Marla Aaron

14k yellow gold Cypher Vertical pendant which opens to keep handwritten note, by Susan Siegel Jewelry

18k yellow gold Petite Anna Locket Necklace (fill with photos straight from your iPhone), by Monica Rich Kosann 

14k yellow gold Zodiac Dog Tag Necklace (choose your zodiac), by Ariel Gordon Jewelry

14k yellow gold Cachet Collection Reverse Intaglio charm (19 version are offered), by Jean Jean Vintage


This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with May Is Gold Month.


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