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June Birthstone: Pretty Pearls

Pewter Oyster Keepsake Box: Price $82 from Michele Varian

Pearls are classic, elegant and a staple to any girl’s wardrobe. Go ahead and see for yourself how vast and popular this gem is by counting how many women you see wearing pearls. Whether it’s pearl stud earrings or a strand of pearls, June has a wonderful birthstone. And there are so many varieties: keshi pearls, blister pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, cultured pearls, freshwater pearls…with so many colors: grey, black, white, peach, pink…

Below are my top choices for pearl jewelry!


Pearls make many gemstones pop when used together in one piece of jewelry. Here you see this done with emeralds. The bypass design is always a favorite since it creates the illusion of stacking without actually having to wear two rings. This one is from the Ross-Simons Estate Collection and features two cultured pearls set in 20k yellow gold. From the 1970s and priced at $1270.


Tassels are a vintage collectors dream, with these earrings showcasing the style beautifully. These are done in platinum with ten strands of pearls on each earring. From Meriwether Estate Jewelry and priced at $7800.




This bracelet twists pearls with gold, making it no competition compared to a pearl strand bracelet. From 1965, this vintage piece is done in 18k yellow gold. It can be purchased at Beladora for $1750.



If you already have a strand of pearls and are looking for an alternative pearl necklace, I highly suggest this one! Not only does it give you a different feel by featuring a snake as the bail, but it can be personalized with your own choices.  Each version is slightly different due to the uniqueness of the pearls and the hand work. You can choose golden,white, silver, or black Tahitian pearl, and the price range is $2800-3800 (depending on quality, color, and size of pearl). Or you can choose 9-10mm silver, black, or white freshwater pearl, and the price is $2200. The snake’s eyes come in any color stone or even diamonds (add $300). Each pendant is a one-of-a-kind and bears Carolyn Tyler’s signature. Orders take 3-5 weeks.  Click here to order!