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Treasure Hunting, Sans Hard Hat & Gem Mine


Treasure hunting is my absolute most favorite thing to do. Whether it’s at an antique shop, looking for gold frames and vintage jewelry, or at a gem mine, sifting through piles of gravel and dirt–I love the thrill of finding something to be treasured. The beach is one of my favorite spots. It is fun to be on the hunt for sea shells and sea glass. In the above photo, I am searching for sea glass in Southern California. Below are some pieces of jewelry with elements of raw mother nature. Not your typical, finely polished gemstone–just a smoothed beach stone, some quartz found in Central Park and some raw black diamonds. Enjoy!


The alluring seafoam green color of the chrysophrase beads goes great with the simple beach stone. This necklace is designed by Renee Garvey and can be found at Eliza Page. Priced at $375.


I love the concept of this necklace, along with some other pieces that match in BYLU’s Compass Rose collection. The quartz encased in the gold setting is found in Central Park, each is unique. The necklace is done in 14k yellow gold and is $550.


Maya Brenner has some great jewelry designs and this black diamond bracelet is a great example. The black diamonds are drilled so they look like beads, and the delicate 14k chain is perfect. Check out Maya Brenner’s website to take a look at her other designs. The bracelet is priced at $220.