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Card Motif Jewelry: Spades, Clubs, Hearts & Diamonds

pscasino Vintage Casino chips transformed into Jewelry, designer: Page Sargisson

Heading to Las Vegas? Or the high roller table? Or maybe just having some friends over to play some cards? I have always loved the four symbols on cards: the spade, club, heart, and diamond. Over the years these motifs have worked themselves into clothing, fashion, jewelry and accessories. Here are some great picks below, maybe any of these will bring you good luck at the Casino.


The club motif done here is so great with the two diamonds and ruby. This ring is done in 18k yellow gold from Fay Cullen. Price: $1495


Can’t forget about the Queen of Hearts, this antique ring is a great example. Done in 14k yellow gold with diamonds, total carat weight is a half carat. Circa 1915, from The Three Graces and priced at $1950.


From Doyle & Doyle, this ring is delicate and perfect for everyday wear. It features a club motif with single cut diamonds. Price: $195


Another great card motif ring from Doyle & Doyle, this one is done in 14k yellow gold and has a ruby, sapphire and diamond forming the club. Price: $950


This ring is called the “Pair of Threes” from The Three Graces. I love the twisted band, which is done in 14k yellow gold. There is a row of three rubies and a row of three diamonds. This ring is circa 1880 and is priced at $725.


This ring screams deck of cards, it reminds me of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. It is actually an Art Deco piece from Fay Cullen, featuring a 0.91 carat diamond. The ring is set in platinum with the red and black enamel embellishments. Price: $4500