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Jewels at my Doorstep: Craig Evan Small Engagement Rings

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At Gem Gossip, we are kicking off the month of August with this special feature! This entire month, the best engagement rings will be featured, with the hashtag #30daysofEngagementRings and we will be searching out the best of the best out there right now!  Our go-to favorite spot for antique engagement rings in LA is  Craig Evan Small, located on North La Cienega Blvd, with hundreds and hundreds of stunning options. I handpicked five of my favorites, each with something special about each one–so whether you like classic styles or something more uncoventional, I’ve got you covered!

The experience of opening up a package with five different engagement rings was pretty intense.  For once I had to put my own engagement ring aside and wonder what it would be like to start over and imagine myself with different options.  Wearing them on my ring finger was also an interesting experience, espcially after wearing the same one for over 2.5 years. Each one felt memorable on my finger for different reasons and I truly believe any of these five options would make an extraordinary engagement ring that will be treasured for years to come! For the photoshoot, we played with a few different flower combinations and two dresses, keeping a Pacific Northwest, outdoors vibe.  This aesthetic is definitely beautiful in so many ways and although I’ve never visited that part of the country, it has me wanting to badly.  

The allure of a vintage or antique engagement ring is one that can be best explained by those who own one. These rings are extremely well-made, often times made solely by hand, even the diamonds are usually cut by hand (if it is an all-original piece). We showcase one antique engagement ring from the Victorian Era, which can be easily spotted even by a novice collector.  The yellow gold setting mixed with the chunky Old Mine cut diamonds are an easy giveaway.  The cluster style makes it so unique–no other engaged woman is going to have this ring!  I like that.  

We also have one engagement ring featured that is from the Edwardian Era–a time that spanned from the turn-of-the-century until the late 1910s.  This time period is characterized by ultra feminine styles, lots of diamonds and intricate metal work.  Platinum was a newly discovered metal and was beginning to be used in the designs of this time, at first only topped on yellow gold and then at the very end of the era solely on its own. The domed shape of this ring draws many woman to this style–it is easy to wear and fits comfortably.

The milgrain details and filigree style is characteristic of the Art Deco period, which spans from 1920-1935. These sought-after rings were a flapper girl’s dream, set with Old Mine cut or Old European cut diamonds. Toward the end of this time period, geometric styles and adding colored gemstones to the all-white look mixed it up a bit and was very popular. Calibre cut rubies, sapphires and emeralds were a favorite and there is a great example of this with the sapphire detail in one of the five in this shoot! The other two styles seen in the photoshoot are from the Art Deco Era, including a geometric boxy style which looks as though the center diamond should be square, but it is a round Old European cut diamond.  The other is a very classic, almost solitaire Old European cut diamond, which is flanked by a few diamonds on the side.

Rings featured:

18k yellow gold Victorian clover/cluster ring set with three Old Mine cut diamonds, totaling approx. 3.00 carats, size 6.25, Price: $11,000

Platinum Edwardian domed ring featuring a 1.23 ct Old European cut diamond, totaling approx. 1.76 ctw, size 4.75, Price $11,750

Platinum/14k yellow gold 1.25 ct center Old Mine cut diamond flanked by three diamonds on each side, size 5.75, Price: $10,200

Platinum Art Deco boxy-look ring set with 0.86 ct center surrounded by diamonds, Price: SOLD

>> Similar style: Art Deco engagement ring with 1.53 ct center surrounded by diamonds Price: $15,000 

Platinum Art Deco ring featuring 1.40 ct center diamond with calibre cut sapphire accents, size 6, Price: $13,500



Craig Evan Small

731 N La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90069

Tel: 310-550-7895


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