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Jewels at my Doorstep: Bochic #LoveGold

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Bochic jewelry is known for its sophisticated and chic feel.  Created by a duo which consists of Miriam Salat and David Aaron Joseph, the best of these two worlds have combined since 2004. The pair make jewelry that can be seen on red carpets all over the world, as well as gracing gorgeous women everyday.  I was excited to get a first-hand look at a couple pieces from their Conquistador Collection, which has been making headlines in both magazines and editorial shoots.  

A Bochic woman is confident and well-traveled.  The Conquistador Collection exudes a hint of bravery as well, with inspirations from shields and armour, created by diamonds and 18k rose gold.  The photoshoot inspired me to take the rings to a historic mansion in Middle Tennessee, a mansion that was caught in the crossfire of the Civil War.  Such a horrific and bloody battle, this mansion stood tall and elegant amongst the war.  Just like any woman wearing Bochic jewels, no matter what comes her way, she will stand tall and elegant.  The rose gold is a great juxtaposition against the black and white diamonds, with different qualities of white diamonds used to create a unique effect.

Jewelry Details:

18k rose gold diamond Nouveau Warrior ring, Price: $4,825

18k rose gold black and white diamond Nouveau Knight ring, Price: $6,185


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