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Fellows Auction: Antique & Modern Jewellery, February 13, 2014

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The February Antique & Modern Jewellery sale at Fellows Auction is going to be so good!  Browsing through the catalog, I had so many favorites–it will be an eventful bidding day–which is Thursday, February 13th.  

February has a very popular birthstone, one that many people truly love and have in their collection, and that is Amethyst. In the quartz family, amethyst is very wearable, abundant, and economic.  There are different tones and saturations of color that amethyst can be found to have, and althoug the deeper purples are more sought after, it is up to the wearer!  I personally love amethyst paired with diamonds and/or pearls.  Many vintage and antique pieces use this combination, and I found several examples in this month’s auction.

Lot 3: this seed pearl and amethyst pendant dates back to the early 20th century.  It is done in 9k gold and comes with a chain.  The detail on the scrollwork and use of seed pearls is typical of the time period.

Lot 31: there is a reason these earrings are called ear pendants!  These are bold and elongating, set with oval cut and pear shaped amethysts.  Love the chain detailing, which may or may not be original.  Done in 12k gold and are in good condition.

Lot 32: a necklace full of amethyst! All 14 inches of this necklace are oval set amethysts, even the clasp.  This piece dates to around the late 19th century, with the one dangling amethyst being possibly added later. 

Lot 51: this amethyst brooch is set with a gorgeous marquise cut amethyst, surrounded by pearls.  The rich hue of the purple is really pretty and I love how the pin can be worn horizontally or vertically to give you a different look.

Lot 415: nothing is prettier than fine enamel work on a piece of jewelry.  This amethyst brooch features greens, blues and some orange enameling along the rim, also set with diamonds.  Would look incredible pinned to a scarf.

Lot 431: such an interesting pendant, set with an emerald cut amethyst and accented by half-pearls. The two-tone look is an interesting addition, and the length of the piece measures 2 inches.

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Also within the Antique & Modern Jewellery auction in February, there are several stand-out pieces that are really interesting to me.  I love finding unique items that I’ve never come across before.  One important aspect of vintage and antique jewelry is how exclusive certain pieces are–many are one-of-a-kind and hand-made through and through.  An advantage of Fellows Auctions is their location in England, a country known for their rich, extensive history.  Many of the jewelry items that go up for auction at their facility have an equally intriguing history.

Lot 13: this brooch is unique because it is engraved on the backside, 1837 Diamond Jubilee 1897. The front is spectacular, an enamel portrait of Queen Victoria. Such a piece of history!

Lot 18: blackamoor jewelry is highly collectible, and this pair of ear pendants are up for auction. Everything is done in enamel, and the closures are in working order.

Lot 336: Egyptian Revival at its finest! This Art Deco scarab brooch is done in 18k gold, rubies and diamonds. Can you spot the snakes? There are hieroglyphics on the backside of the Egyptian faience scarab, which say ‘neb nefer’ which literally means ‘all good.’

Lot 363: this is a late 19th century Yorkshire Hussars brooch, with a pretty white enamel rose.  The brooch is set with ruby and diamonds and is in good condition.  The Yorkshire Hussars was a unit of the British Army from 1794 to 1956.

Lot 372: I love this gorgeous diamond ring, set with an Old European cut diamond in the center and surrounded by open metal work and other smaller, old cut diamonds.  Such a pretty ring!

Lot 402: this early 20th century diamond and ruby brooch is all about the details! The crown at the top and the “W” created out of diamonds are both amazing.  Such a great piece!


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