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Jewels at my Doorstep: Atelier Minyon #LoveGold

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Atelier Minyon creates a line of untamed jewels that embraces everyone’s alternative masks–their alter egos! The “luxury gone wild” concept comes to life with every piece that designer Alp Sagnak divulges, from idea to reality.  What’s even more unique is how each piece of jewelry is hand made, with no two being exactly alike. From skulls covered in black diamonds, to playful lions and deadly flowers, the deeper meanings behind each piece are even more interesting than what you see at first glance.

I was eager to take some Atelier Minyon pieces and embrace my very own alter ego, my own Slim Shady to my Marshall Mathers…my own darkside! I dressed in black lace and wore a hand-made black leather crown which helped to convey my Dark Princess look. The hoop earrings were edgy but for some reason I felt very elegant in them–again with the dichotomies! The skull ring and black diamond ring, both done in 18k yellow gold, were amazing standout pieces, each had their own secret, but you have to look closely to see.  The undercarriage of the skull ring featured a cutout skeleton–so cool!  From a bird’s eyeview, you don’t notice the detail of the four prongs holding the black diamond in place are actually four skulls! Yes, it is true–luxury has gone wild!

Jewelry Details:

18k yellow gold skull ring with black diamond cross detail, Price: $9,500

18k yellow gold 5.00 carat black diamond solitaire ring with skull details, Price: $16,550

18k yellow gold matching skull band set with diamonds and rubies, Price: $4,800

24k yellow gold gold hoop earring with hammered texture and diamonds, Price: $6,080


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