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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Pamela Love




It goes like this…you show up to the GEM Awards in amazing company and can’t believe what a magical night you are having.  Then it is time for the awards ceremony and you end up having to sit next to Pamela Love. Yes, THE Pamela Love. I know, I had to stop and slap myself a few times too.  

In all seriousness, she was the coolest chic ever and we had some good conversations–like about our eBay obsessions and oogling over each other’s stacks of rings.  She promised to answer a few questions for my lovely Gem Gossip readers and she answered some good ones!  

Excited to see more from Pamela in the future and hopefully wear one of her snake rings!  







It has always been fascinating to me how personal and powerful jewelry can be; I love that an inanimate object can hold so much emotion. People give and receive jewelry in major life moments, like a wedding ring or a necklace that you got for a high school graduation present, and whenever you see that piece again you’re immediately reminded of the moment that you got it. I wanted to be a part of sharing this type of experience and relationship with pieces that are so close to someone, emotionally and physically.

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I’m very excited about the new collection. And we are just shipping out our spring orders, which I can’t wait to see my customers wearing this summer.



Of course I love my engagement ring; I made it in collaboration with Monique Pean. It has an amazing ombré diamond pavé around the center stone and is really delicate so it doesn’t overpower the rest of my jewelry. I also love my Small Tribal Spike necklace; I don’t think I’ve taken it off in quite some time. It’s been on a lot of adventures.

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I love Narnia Vintage. I never walk out of there empty handed. And Fox & Fawn near my apartment is great for when I feel like browsing around. eBay is my other go-to for odd wares.

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Trying to grow my company while maintaining a dedication to ethical manufacturing and expanding to other product categories sometime soon.

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