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Jewelry Road Trip: When in Philadelphia…

Taking your jewelry hunting on the road is my most favorite thing to do.  This week we take a look at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where A.Brandt + Son is making a name for themselves.  Owner Annette Brandt has experience selling jewelry for over 25 years.  Her current location opened up shop in 2003 when she teamed up with her son, Elan and the duo have been selling fine antique and estate jewelry ever since.  A.Brandt + Son has a unique selection, specializing in Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco and Retro pieces.  I’ve spotted some really interesting enameled rings that are Art Deco that have caught my eye.  Take a look at my favorites from A.Brandt + Son below!


A definite Art Deco ring, this piece features a really unique design made of coral and diamonds. The ring is set in platinum and has an Old European cut diamond in the center. The center diamond weighs about 1/2 carat. Price: $3990


This Victorian ring features goldstone, which is literally gold in quartz that formed when gold got trapped within the quartz crystals during the cooling/solidification process. Goldstone had actually become quite trendy during the late 1880s. This ring is done in 14k gold and features a popular horseshoe motif from the Victorian Era. Price: $1395


Every girl needs a mystical opal ring, and the antique ones are the best! This one is as good as it gets–platinum, diamonds, and circa 1920. Price: $2395


Rings with enameled designs always intrigue me. I think it is because it is such a rare art, you don’t see very much modern jewelry with hand-enameled designs. This ring is pretty unique not only for the enameling but the large amethyst gemstone in the center. Art Deco designed jewelry is mostly seen done in diamonds, sapphires, rubies–not so much amethyst. Such an amazing piece, with a price of $690


All antique rings are from A.Brandt + Son and can be purchased online.