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Jewelry Road Trip: Maloy’s in Portland, OR

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Maloy’s is a hidden gem amongst Portland, Oregon which has been sitting pretty on 10th Avenue now for 28 years.  With the opening of the store in 1986 came great risk, along with an even greater passion!  It is this passion for jewelry and handcrafted design that has kept the business thriving.  Owner Shan first began making jewelry in high school.  His love for design and his special skills led him to Australia even Hawaii, making jewelry in a “mass-produced” environment.  He followed his heart and focused on honing his skills, which brought him back to his hometown.  It was then he decided to open up his own store, with the vision of specializing in handmade, custom pieces along with an inventory of antique & estate jewelry.  

Today the shop boasts nine craftspeople and designers, who are each as passionate as store owner Shan. Gem Gossip is excited to have all these amazing photos taken especially for my readers!  Such incredible antique and estate pieces from Maloy’s…special thanks to Jen for capturing these shots.  And of course, we can’t forget Ned, the store dog. He is part Scottie part Poodle, which means he is a Scoodle!  How cute!  Would love to visit the store one day, in the meantime, it has been added to my Jewelry Road Trip Map

>> Maloy’s has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page!