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Book Review: I Love Those Earrings by Jane Merrill & Chris Filstrup

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I Love Those Earrings by Jane Merrill & Chris Filstrup, Schiffer Publishing

This book is an ode to earrings, praising them for their existence and complimenting them on their beauty.  The authors have the same passion for earrings as I do for rings, so reading these 200+ pages was very familiar for me and quite fun!  The journey begins with the historical importance of earrings, and then continues by going through segments of time.  Many fine examples of early paintings with women depicted wearing earrings, are illustrated and discussed.  From the Early Romans, to the daintiness of the Renaissance earring, and then to the extravagance of the 17th Century long dangles, the authors illuminate the history and importance within each period.  Through and through, the reader is reminded of the timelessness and universal goodness of earrings.  The book reads, “Regardless of the time period, geographic region, and cultural heritage, earrings can be seen to have crossed all borders, making a universal statement of beautifully crafted adornments.” (p.21)

In my opinion, earrings can really make an outfit. From the way you style your hair, to the shape of the dangle, earrings frame your face which is where everyone looks when conversing.  Unlike most pieces of jewelry or adornment for that matter, earrings cannot be seen by the wearer once worn (unless you look in the mirror). So the effect of earrings is truly for other people to see!  

One of the very last chapters within the book steps away from factual information and talks candidly with women about earrings.  I absolutely love this chapter!  Several different women give you their take on earrings, whether it is their favorite pair or a funny story involving earrings…it is quite entertaining.  Since these women shared their stories, I will share my own earring story:

I would say earrings are my second favorite type of jewelry, behind rings in first place.  Earrings always fascinated me and I was never afraid of getting my ears pierced.  I was four years old, begging my mom to take me.  The first ear piercing went smoothly, and then when the woman went to pierce my other ear, I automatically jumped in anticipation of the pain.  I was left with an earring going through the bottom part of my ear, rather than straight-through.  We took the earring out, and I went several months as a four-year-old with one earring.  After the mistake had healed, I got repierced and they’ve never looked symmetrical…but that did not matter to me!  I was so happy to have earrings.  I had a list made of all the earrings I wanted from the local jewelry shop.  My first pair of earrings were 14k yellow gold teddy bears.  I got my second holes pierced when I was in Middle School on my birthday.  That event was sort of a “rite of passage” for me where I was finally growing up and learning my own style.  My third hole piercing I got with my old roommate from college.  We both got them pierced at the same time by a co-worker who also worked part-time at the gold jewelry kiosk in the mall.  

A favorite pair of earrings of mine are these gold branch-like dangle earrings made by Barrett Ford. They feature briolette quartz and really make a statement when I wear them.  Any other pairs of earrings that I own are all studs, so these are really different and actually make me feel totally different when I wear them!  (Earrings are pictured on the inside cover of the book)

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