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Jewelry Lookbook: Coral Ring, Pearl Bracelet & Woven Gold Bracelets


Starred shorts, denim button-up, black socks with open-toe heels: it sounds so wrong, but it look so right. And the jewelry combination is just as interesting. An angel skin coral ring, woven gold bracelets, and a three-strand pearl bracelet--check out this look below! All look-alike pieces are vintage and were found at Beladora 2.


This three-strand pearl bracelet has 14k white gold bars to keep the pearls tame, and I love the white gold filigree clasp. It is 7.5 inches long and is circa 2005, so only a few years old! Price: $695 from Beladora2.


This coral ring is classic and simple. Known as “angel skin” coral when portraying this light peach color, rather than the other, darker versions coral can be found as. This ring, circa 1965, is done in 18k yellow gold and is a size 6. Price: $316 from Beladora2.


Although difficult to tell exactly what the stack of bracelets look like worn on the left wrist, I believe some are woven gold. I love this example from Beladora2. It is from the 1970s and is done in 14k yellow gold. The thickness of the piece makes it beautiful. Price: $1450


A circular link bracelet is also stacked on the left wrist, this one is also from the seventies and done in 14k yellow gold. The clasp is actually disguised as a link, which shows great craftsmanship. From Beladora2 and priced at $1125.