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Gem Gossip ABCs Campaign #LoveGold

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Recently I launched a cool, artistic campaign on Instagram featuring the ABCs.  I’ve been wanting to show off my personal collection more with readers, and the idea came to me one day–what better way to do that with a fun series!  Not only is Instagram so ingenious for reshaping the way we share pictures, but I also love its way of connecting with people that share the same passion.  My readers love to hashtag #showmeyourrings when they are stacked up with their favorite rings on, and LoveGold has created the hashtag #wearelovegold for those who find precious gold jewelry in their daily lives.  

Here is a recap of my #gemgossipABC campaign:

A is for ABCS: brings you the ABCs of my personal collection, all this month!

B is for BLACK: {antique intaglio, black onyx ring & black enamel band}

C is for CAD: the only ring in my collection made from a CAD rendering by @brianbrundagedesigns 

D is for DICK: 18k yellow gold 

E is for EVIL EYE: Sydney Evan sapphire & diamond bracelet

F is for FILIGREE: which is open metal work, characteristic of 1920s jewelry

G is for GARNET: rhodolite, almandite, pyrope, grossularite, tsavorite, hessonite…there are lots!

H is for HOOPS: worn rarely but still essential in any jewelry wardrobe

I is for INSECTS: Daniela Villegas ring, spider earrings are vintage & a Victorian beetle brooch (made with a REAL beetle)

J is for JUNGLE CATS: panthers, jaguars, leopards, lions, tigers…I love them all!

K is for KNOT: as in a Victorian love knot, which was a popular motif during the Victorian Era

L is for LABRADORITE: a magical gemstone, rings from Arik Kastan

M is for MOVE: as in, I’ve moved all of Arrow & Anchor Antique’s inventory into my jewelry box

N is for NAVETTE: a favorite shape of mine when talking rings

O is for OMG: can you guess what came to my doorstep today, that I’ve been coveting for FOUR YEARS!!

P is for PEARL: cultured & freshwater necklaces

Q is for QUARTZ: purple variety is amethyst, yellow variety is citrine, brown variety is smokey quartz, etc

R is for RING BOXES: as in antique ring boxes, each one unique, with a hidden story behind it, even down to the dirty velvet!

S is for SERPENTI: my favorite jewelry book by Marion Fasel as well as my favorite reptile used as jewelry

T is for TURQUOISE: such a  pretty gem, which is said to bring success & happiness

U is for UNUSUAL: love when designers use unusual items paired with 18k yellow gold–Lena Skadegard uses shells, which look awesome stacked or alone

V is for VICTORIAN: an era of jewelry that is incredibly romantic & sentimental

W is for WATCH: I prefer this antique watch that I got for my 26th birthday

X is for X-RING: the original, from Eva Fehren 

Y is for YES: I said YES, January, 25, 2013 and have been wearing this Victorian bypass ring since then

Z is for ZOE CHICCO: a favorite designer of mine and a great way to end #gemgossipABC

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold