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Jewelry Collection Stories — Brooke of Arrow & Anchor Antiques

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I met Brooke back in 2012 when she came to me for some appraisals on jewelry of hers. I guess you could say, the rest is history! But really though, once I saw her collection and began talking with her that day four years ago, I saw we had much more in common than just a love for jewelry. Since then we’ve traveled many miles together, spent thousands of dollars together, took hundreds of pictures of jewelry and laughed all along the way. I enjoy helping her build Arrow & Anchor Antiques and talking about jewelry nonstop. Here’s a collection that continues to get fine tuned and curated. Can’t wait to see where her collection is several years from now, and most importantly 40 years from now, when we’re scooting around the Miami Beach Antique Show together all cute and wrinkly, covered in jewels:

“My collection is small, as I’ve only been collecting for 6 or 7 years, so a short time in the grand scheme of collecting. I’m obsessed with Art Nouveau and mid-century modern jewelry right now. My latest craze is Victorian silver bangles, although I thought Danielle wouldn’t speak to me after I confessed this. Our text convo is posted on my Instagram. Jewelry to me is my personal way of expressing myself. My fashion style is basic (Vintage Levis and an old tee). Rings on every finger alll day every day. Most of them tell a story but the ones that don’t will eventually!”

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First photo: Favorite rings — Arik Kastan 2 Stone Garnet and Rose Gold Ring. Tamar is the beauty behind Arik Kastan. Danielle and I had an amazing night with her in Vegas years ago and I have adored her ever since (that seems to happen often in this industry). Her pieces are everything that I love from a good modern jewelry piece. The quality is amazing and the stones are insanely beautiful.

Meredith Khan Love Twist Ring – I mean, this ring explains itself. It is truly an amazing design. Very comfortable and well crafted. I wear it everyday. 

14k Gold Serpent Ring – I have only had this ring for a month and I have lost it twice. I actually saged it yesterday in hopes that I can remove whatever energy is making this ring disappear. 

Azurmalachite pinky ring from Vulpecula Jewelry

Second photo: My mom handed both of these bracelets down to me. She made both. The first is a delicate silver cuff with a star and wings. The second was created out of coins from her travels. The sound that the coin bracelet makes is really nice.

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My favorite piece of jewelry is this Sagittarius Cartier ring from the 1970s. I’m an Aquarius. I collect zodiac rings from Cartier–they are hard to find. When I find one I quickly buy it…no thought just pure excitement and panic to get it first.

Favorite places to find antique jewelry and treasure hunt? eBay, Etsy, trade shows, Ruby Lane, Instagram, and one favorite place in driving distance from my house in Nashville.

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First photo: both these rings are special because they are from Danielle!

Second photo: I had a 9 year relationship that ended in 2014. I kept the original setting from my engagement ring as a reminder of exactly what a certain moment felt like (I will leave it at that). I had the inner bezel polished so now it is just a platinum setting without the center stone. It sounds depressing but it is a positive reminder for me that I made the right decision. You can be in a long term relationship with a wonderful person and still feel completely lonely if you don’t have a solid relationship with yourself.

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First photo: I love vintage watches and have a small collection available through Arrow and Anchor. My Cartier Love Bracelet hasn’t left my wrist in 3 years.

Second photo: A few of my Cartier Zodiac rings!

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