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Favorite Instagrams: Early 2016

davidwebbjewels gemfever susannahlovis trafalgarjewellers hakan_groth spencerfinejewelry jesswinzelberg giuliaballetti butterlaneantiques maelgwns_muse catbirdnyc reliquarysf metiersf ferrermiret

davidwebbjewels captures this opal, diamond and enamel ring in the best way possible 

gemfever posted this ring for sale and I am so bummed to have missed out on it

susannahlovis displaying an amazing opal heart and diamond ring that makes my own heart beat fast

trafalgarjewellers is ready for the brooch to have its come-back this year

hakan_groth takes a picture of this ceiling painting located in Napoleon’s Library at Compiègne

spencerfinejewelry in awe at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris

jesswinzelberg and her incredible drop earrings she designs, all available on her website

giuliaballetti snapped this photo from an antique shop in Bournemouth which looks lovely

butterlaneantiques sold this 18th century love token pendant/brooch which also hurts my heart it got away

maelgwns_muse playing with some of her treasures, like this Edwardian diamond ring

catbirdnyc photographs the two prettiest pieces from their collection–the Marie Diamond ring and Black Magic Opal ring

reliquarysf layers some of their finest gold necklaces and pendants from their vintage/antique collection 

metiersf displays lots of beautiful pendants and necklaces–Qu’Hier-Que Demain 

ferrermiret posted this incredible portrait miniature pendant with the dangling heart lock at the bottom