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Curate Your Collection with Fellows Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction

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Once you’ve established your jewelry collection, an important idea and concept for collectors is to strategically curate and add to what you already have. Making poignant decisions on what to buy next, what complements what you have, what is missing from your collection–all these are very important! It is also vital to take inventory and weed out what doesn’t strike you anymore, or items you’ve grown less fond of. Fellows Auction has an ever-evolving line up of jewelry that goes up for auction every month, especially within their Antique & Modern Sale. This month’s is especially wonderful as the styles and designs reach a multitude of collectors’ tastes and would fit in with so many amazing jewelry collections. When I curated these mini collections above, I actually had a few people in mind from our jewelry community–I felt these pieces would go particularly perfect within their collections.  Can you guess who I had in mind for each collection if you know?! Hint: I may have had a few people in mind when putting each separate one together!  

The Antique & Modern Jewellery sale is in exactly one week–January 14th, 2015. Be sure to sign up to bid and browse their entire sale, making note of items you think would fit nicely into your collection! Happy bidding!

Collection One:

1 >> Lot 105: A sweet dendritic agate brooch surrounded by synthetic rubies, with original mechanisms. What a great gemstone combination and love the wear it shows. I know several collectors that have a sweet spot for dendritic agate. This one’s for you!

2 >> Lot 100: Bold yet delicate dangle earrings featuring yellow gemstone floral motifs. The gemstones are possibly green beryl with yellow sapphire in the center–the setting is preventing from knowing for sure. Usually flower earrings seem very girly, but these have a nice edge to them.  I could see them being worn or coveted by many collectors I know.

3 >> Lot 242: Myself and many other collectors love a good fringe necklace! This one is extra special because of the motifs it is made up of–starting with the bows and then down to the laurel leaf motifs, and even the pearl bead accents. And did I mention it is French?! Love it!

4 >> Lot 584: Artistic, cool and ultra chic–this mid-20th century watch brooch is unexpected and perfect. It is set with diamonds and a synthetic ruby, in the shape of an eye. Inspired by the Eye of Time brooch by Dali, this one is also filled with symbolism and wonder.

Collection Two:

1 >> Lot 228: This lot is its own mini collection of antique pendants with a whimsical feel. There are three circular pendants–one garnet surrounded by turquoise/blue paste, one banded agate with enamel and one fox reverse crystal, all which go together really well. The floral motif pendant features foil-backed garnets and is also really unique.

2 >> Lot 547: This owl brooch! So many collectors of owls out there, whether it be jewelry or not. This owl brooch is done in 18k yellow gold and set with sapphire and diamond inset eyes. He is a cutie and I love the detail and craftsmanship on this piece!

3 >> Lot 416: Another owl–this time in the form of a shell cameo, which I’ve never seen before! This ring is late 19th century and is done in 15k gold. The owl is carved nicely and perched. The twisted rope detail around the bezel gives it a nice touch!

4 >> Lot 470: A cute diamond encrusted bunny is something any antique jewelry lover would want, including any bunny lover! This one is adorable, fashioned in silver and old cut diamonds, typical of the time period it was created in. It is currently a brooch, but I know whomever wins this piece will have a fun time converting it some ingenious way!

5 >> Lot 574: So many fox lovers in our jewelry community, this one is a reverse carved intaglio stick pin and is ready to be converted into someone’s next project. What do you think–a necklace? A ring? A bracelet? What would you convert this into?

6 >> Lot 573: Another fox, this one is set in rose cut diamonds, green gem eyes and silver setting. The possibilities are endless for this stick pin to be converted into something special. Will you win it?!

Collection Three:

1 >> Lot 80: A navette as beautiful as this will actually make you reconsider all the other navettes in your collection! This one is set with old cut diamonds, which total 0.60 carats and one central synthetic sapphire. The beauty and history of this piece is ideal for any collector. 

2 >> Lot 114: Tassel drop earrings may very well be one of my newest obsessions. These are top notch! The dripping diamonds are set in bezels and channels, with milgrain details throughout. The sapphires add a pretty blue hue that makes them even more desirable. I totally love these!

3 >> Lot 478: Oh wow, these earrings make me weak in the knees! I love the dark hardstone cameos and these are superb! To balance out the darkness, there are white pearls surrounding and accenting the cameos. How amazing?! If you’re missing a hardstone cameo piece within your collection–this is where these come into play!

4 >> Lot 25: You may automatically know who this collection was inspired by just from looking at this ring! A calibre cut sapphire halo has been setting hearts aflutter. This one is more modern with a princess cut diamond in the center, but the square shape of the ring in general is pretty beautiful! Does anyone need an engagement ring?! Or better yet, an upgrade?!


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