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Jewelry Auction Set for April 23rd, 2015 from Alex Cooper Auctions

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This spring season has been quite the busy one on the auction forefront!  With spring in the air, time to clean out your jewelry “closet” and not only sell some pieces you haven’t worn in a few years, but also buy some new ones!  Pieces that you’ve been needing and continue to wish you owned–now is the time to buy!  If you’ve always wanted a Victorian bangle bracelet or a statement ring to wear on special occasions–an auction like Alex Cooper Auctions is the perfect place to buy.  And if you’re on a spring cleaning kick and decide to part with a few items from your jewelry box, Alex Cooper Auctions also will gladly consign your fine jewelry.  A few simple steps on how to go about doing that can be found here.  It is as easy as getting a pre-sale evaluation, consign, and wait for your item to go up at auction!  

Now, if you’re looking to add to your jewelry collection, like me, there is an auction coming up on April 23rd, 2015 at 3pm EST that you won’t want to miss! Above are my favorites from the lineup–you can view the entire catalog online here.

Lot 4: I chose this ring solely because how incredibly huge the center diamond is–try about 10 carats of Oval! It is currently set in a gent’s 14k yellow gold mounting, but can easily be changed by whomever is the lucky bidder. Excessively large diamonds can be bought at bargain prices at auction!

Lot 27: This appealing Art Deco diamond ring will flatter the hand of whomever wins it–a nice slightly domed silhouette set with two half carat Old European cut diamonds in platinum.  Very chic!

Lot 29: I am a sucker for painted portrait rings, especially ones that are in amazing condition–which is getting harder and harder to find!  Mounted in 14k yellow gold, this hand-painted piece depicts a young man and woman.

Lot 35: As a jewelry collector, I feel that everyone’s collection should have an Art Deco onyx ring set with a diamond.  There are so many variations out there, this one is quite captivating. I also like how versatile a ring like this is–you can wear it with almost anything and make it your go-to ring!  This one is set in 10k yellow gold.

Lot 64: The geometrical, Art Deco shape of this opal and diamond pendant is awesome, plus I like the touch of the dangling diamond hanging off from the main portion of the pendant.  This piece is done in 14k white gold and features lots of old cut diamonds that sparkle brilliantly.

Lot 138: Another pendant necklace that I’m loving is this all-original blue zircon filigree piece that has a touch of seed pearls around each zircon.  The pearls and the flow of this necklace is very feminine and reminiscent of the era.  The piece is done in 14k gold.

Lot 83: Looking for a perfect wedding day staple or a dramatic push present?  These filigree diamond tennis bracelets always do the trick.  Such a timeless piece sent from a bygone era.  Set in platinum, this particular bracelet is set with a few Old European cut diamonds.

Lot 167: This ring reminds me of my epic “comet ring” score because of the diamonds and enamel work surrounding it.  Mounted in 14k yellow gold set with a radiant cut sapphire and surrounded by diamonds, this is one of those “show-stopping” pieces everyone needs in their personal collections.

Lot 243: Such a precious and adorable piece–a large heart-shaped amethyst pin with a tiny bird perched politely and acts as a prong.  This could certainly act as a token of love and become a very sentimental piece for someone.  It is mounted in 14k yellow gold.

Lot 224: An incredible Etruscan flexible braided link bracelet with a lion grasping a diamond in its mouth!  Such a neat piece and it reminds me of a bracelet I once lusted after and never knew what ended up happening to it! Wish I would’ve purchased it now…don’t let that happen to you!  Start bidding! 🙂


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Alex Cooper Auctions.