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Favorite Instagrams: Spring 2015

victoiredecastellane ebjewel mariehelenedetaillac bellflowerbay sankalthani ireneneuwirth oakgem treasuregarland mineralien sofiakaman paula_dolubizno jennifergandia sacraluna elizabethgarvin

victoiredecastellane capturing what she does best–designing amazing pieces for Dior

ebjewel admiring some art at the Armory Show, along with her ring she designed

mariehelenedetaillac these cluster rings are like neon signs, loving the electric colors

bellflowerbay bought this print at the V&A Museum last year and is proud that it safely returned home with no wrinkles

sankalthani posts this beautiful painting by Fanny Nushka Moreaux

ireneneuwirth on her way to Paris–who could ever want a plain charm necklace now?!  Gemstones only!

oakgem with a new selection of jewelry headed to their online storefront

treasuregarland fascinated by this incredible painted portrait ring with various gemstones surrounding it

mineralien zooming in hardcore into blue apatite in gently pink morganite–field of view 8.2mm

sofiakaman and seven unique vintage rings available at their store in Venice, CA

paula_pink_with_diamonds makes bespoke jewelry including these covetable necklaces

jennifergandia posted this really cool image by Blake Wright, leaving her gemstoned

sacraluna is the perfect feed to follow if you love gemstones and mineral specimens

ElizabethGarvin sprawls out an amazing array of gemstones