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Philadelphia, PA

Wilson’s Estate Jewelry

Located on Main Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wilson’s Estate Jewelry is a high-end antique and vintage jewelry shop that brings a wide variety of jewels to its clients. Find that perfect antique engagement ring, wedding band or piece of jewelry that unlocks a moment in history. They offer jewelry from every time period and impeccable customer service. Shop online if you’re not local, as their website is continually updated with their latest inventory.


Kennett Square, PA

Alexis Kletjian Gallery

Adorn Your Legacy — a tagline turned mantra for award-winning jewelry designer Alexis Kletjian, who recently opened her very own gallery in Kennett Square. Her goal is to create jewelry with the intention of it being a part of your every day wardrobe, being passed down, and becoming a part of your legacy. If you visit her store, expect a mix of antique jewels, curated items and gifts for just about everyone on your list–and don’t forget to Shield Yourself™️ with one of her iconic shields.


Philadelphia, PA

The Eden Collective

The Eden Collective first launched her Etsy shop back in 2013 and it quickly grew as those interested in antique jewelry recognized her passion. Being surrounded by antiques her whole life, Eden has a definite discerning eye and a knack for treasure hunting. Her pieces are highly covetable and often sell within minutes! Fans and followers are devoted, including myself, and we are in constant wonder of what she will offer next. A wide variety of antique & vintage jewelry makes up her inventory, including her line of original designs, and some one-of-a-kind items featuring unique gemstones.


Philadelphia, PA

Freeman’s Auction House

Freeman’s Auction House has a 210-year history in the heart of Philadelphia. Holding jewelry sales several times per year, each sale features hundreds of items and cannot be missed! They have jewelry specialists who take-in new acquisitions on a daily basis–ready for bidders. Be sure to check out their website for current auction calendar and preview events.


Philadelphia, PA

Bario Neal

Bario Neal is an innovative and ethical jewelry studio/showroom based in Philadelphia who have been in business since 2007. Jewelry is handcrafted as customers stop by and browse the finished goods in the cases, and designs can be created and customized to each’s tastes. All of their jewelry is made right in their shop by hand using recycled metals and Fairmined gold, with a due diligence and great respect for the environment. Aspects like that which are so important to Bario Neal help define them as a business and set them apart from others!


Philadelphia, PA

Anthony Lent Jewelry

As cool and eclectic as Anthony Lent’s jewelry designs are, you’d expect nothing less from a visit into his world where he calls home just outside of Philadelphia. His design studio is nestled amongst beautiful greenery, bright flowers and shady trees yet minutes away from the busy streets of Philly. Equal parts antique machinery and modern tools, mixed with technology and inspiration surrounding every nook, this is where creativity abounds and jewelry is made.


Philadelphia, PA

A.Brandt + Son

In the heart of The Main Line sits A.Brandt + Son situated on a historic street, filled with cute shops and restaurants. If you’re an antique jewelry collector this is a must-see or if you’re in the market for an antique engagement ring from the Philly area, their selection is top-notch! Whether you’re a beginner collector or expert, A.Brandt + Son has something for you!


Lancaster, PA

MaeJean Vintage

An Etsy shop started by two sisters in 2010 which has blossomed into a booming, worldwide business. Lots of vintage and antique jewelry including baby rings, Victorian jewelry, Art Deco filigree jewelry, bangles, lockets and much more! Each piece is special and the girls have a knack for curating some beautiful antique and vintage jewels.


Grove City, PA

Joden Jewelry

An antique jewelry store, repair shop, store of curiosities, a jewelry museum, heaven…all which can be used to describe Joden. A motto quite fitting for the store, which one may not necessarily grasp until they actually walk through the doors–“You can go to a museum and look…or you can come to us and touch!” If you’re an antique jewelry lover and collector this is A MUST-SEE…make a weekend of it! The range of what they carry is astounding–anything from Victorian trinkets to huge diamond rings and museum-quality pieces from Carlo Giuliano.