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Gretchen Julius: a Day at the Zoo

I love Gretchen Julius’ designs because they make me feel like I’m spending a day at the zoo or on an African Safari adventure. Zoos are my top favorite places ever and I’ve been to quite a few. For my birthday this year, it was the San Diego Zoo and then last year it was the Cleveland Zoo.

Here I am when I was little at a zoo in Florida. The petting zoo area is the best part. I fell pretty hard and scraped my knee, and the little goat was licking my scrape.


My favorite animal at the zoo has always been those meerkats…I could watch them for hours. I get frustrated though because I just want to play with them.


Here are some of Gretchen Julius’ designs–we’ve got a ring, necklace and earrings. All are done in 14k yellow gold with semi-precious stones. She uses a zebra, elephant, camel, rhino, and scarab in her pieces of the Safari Collection. So, if you like the necklace but would rather have, say, a camel for example, it is available. Check out her website…her bracelets are also very pretty. And check out the Cluster Collection. I’ve added a peak of what that collection looks like as well below.