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Spotted: Dangle Rings

I’ve always had this tiny, gold, etched band ring with a single, circular charm dangling from it which portrays the Virgin Mary.  I love this ring and I was recently admiring the simplicity of it.  It is also one of the most complimented-on rings that I own.  That dangle definitely sets it a part!  I’ve found some dangle rings that are just as beautiful and will guarantee compliments.  Enjoy!


This dangle ring showcases a pretty color-combination of aquamarine, peridot and apatite. Set in 18k gold and designed by Becky Kelso. This is a fun and vibrant ring! From Ylang|23, for $540.


This ring is also from Ylang|23 and is a great buy at $202.50! That is half off! It looks similiar to the dangle ring I have. A good amount of gold with two charms dangling from m2 Design collection by Mary Margrill.


A unique dangle ring that combines two trends in one! A stack of rings, plus the cross dangle! Believe it or not, there are seven stack rings here, all done in 18k yellow gold. This one is designed by Beth Orduna, priced at $1320 from Ylang|23.


I can’t stop wanting to buy this ring. I think the concept is so neat, and I’m so intrigued by the pieces of jewelry that BYLU creates. That little piece of quartz? Found in Central Park–each is unique and hand cut. Price ranges from $250-280 depending on ring size and can be found in the Compass Rose Collection on BYLU’s site.


Wow is the first word that comes to mind when I see this ring! It is made using 18kt gold and denim silk that is hand woven together. Made in Italy by Carolina Bucci and found on Astley Clarke, an online boutique which houses designer jewelry from around the world. Price is about $1122.