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Election ’08: Buttons are Overrated;;a Graffiti Bangle is more like it

With the election coming on strong, Americans will be headed to the polls before we know it!  Heck, it’s almost October already!  Crazy stuff.  I’ve seen cars whizzing around with McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden bumper stickers all the time.  But who wants to ruin their car with a huge bumper sticker?  Or how about those button/pin things…they are great, but how do you wear that and look stylish?  The best option to show your political spirit this fall??  Try a Graffiti Bangle!  Gorgeously hand-made using brass and enamel.  The phrase “Obama ’08” is done up in a graffiti style.  Each costs $100, with $50 going toward the Obama Campaign.  Now that’s showing your support, while being stylish!!  Comes in colors red, white, blue, gold, yellow, beige, or pink.  Each are 1 inch wide, from BYLU jewelry.