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Great Vintage Finds for Under $250

Every month I nearly die writing out that $550 check for my car payment.  Do you realize how nice of a piece of jewelry I could have purchased with that kind of money?!  Having a budget and bargain shopping have become everyone’s reality.  So how are Americans ever supposed to afford diamonds and gold?  With that in mind, I have scoped out some amazing vintage finds that are all under $250.  Antique jewelry is the way to go–not only is it “greener,” but its quality and craftsmanship is like no other.  Besides, $250 is totally doable if you save change over several months or sell some of your old stuff laying around.  With your latest acquisition, it can lift your spirits during these harsh times everytime you look at it!


This necklace is trendy and cute, would be great layered with other necklaces. Circa 1975, the black onyx hearts are totally 70s but would still be fashionable. The setting and chain are 14k yellow gold and priced at $137.50 from Beladora.


Also from Beladora are these great statement earrings. You would never guess these cost $175.50! Such a great investment, and these can be worn with anything and everything. They have a nice twisted style to them, called a “doorknocker” done in 14k yellow gold.


Need some luck? Or maybe even just another stackable bracelet to add to your collection? This is a great find for only $245. The buddha is carved jade, which dangles from a braided leather cord with 14k yellow gold clasps. Make this your everyday bracelet! From C.H.A.R.M.


These are lion doorknocker stud earrings from Doyle & Doyle. From their contemporary heirloom collection, these are 18k white gold. I can picture these looking great with diamond studs and gold cross studs in as well, if you have multiple piercings. Price: $150


And finally, my last pick is this charming necklace from Beladora. I think it would look great layered with the heart necklace above. This is actually an antique bar pin converted into a pendant necklace. Three diamonds top it off, all set in 15k yellow gold (yes, 15k it is not a typo, it is of English origin). Price: $175.50

Check out Beladora’s other pendant necklaces that feature a bar pin converted into a necklace. They are great!