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Trend Spotting: Flower Power!

Earrings can really make a difference in an outfit or a look.  There are so many styles to choose from: hoop, dangle, stud, chandelier… you can go bold or dainty, gemstone or gold.  More overwhelming than you thought? 
Well, one trend that has a unique look is a bold flower, which nearly covers your entire earlobe.   This actually catches your eye and draws your attention to the face.  It looks great with your hair up or down, and really balances your entire look.   Less jewelry worn in other places is usually a good idea when wearing earrings this bold.  Don’t have your ears pierced or don’t like earrings?  I have a great option for you too!  Check out below.


Vintage Tiffany & Co. from 1960, with ten rubies totaling .33 carats and two diamonds, total. These can be purchased from the Ross-Simons Estate Collection for $1276.


If you want to do the flower trend without going so bold, these earrings are for you. From Israel Rose, these are made of rubies and 18k yellow gold. Price: $750


Poppies are what inspired these earrings–add some pearls and 18k yellow gold, and you got yourself some great earrings. Ross-Simons let’s you choose whether you want clip or post style earrings, at a price of $355. The color and style would be easy to dress up or down.


From 1950s, these lovely earrings feature rubies and 18k yellow gold. They measure 1.25 inches all around, so they are a perfect size for this trend. These are from Israel Rose, a jewelry company who calls the heart of NYC’s diamond district its home. Price: $1900


And for those who do not have pierced ears or like earrings? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Show some flower power with this amazing necklace designed by Elisa Solomon. The daisy is front and center, all in 18k yellow gold and diamonds for $909. Making the necklace even more special is the ancient beads that are used. How could you have a bad day wearing this?!