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Arik Kastan: Exclusive, One-of-a-kinds

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Incredible gemstones call for incredible designs.  Rich 22k yellow gold is the basis for each custom creation by Arik Kastan, with a distinctive and rare gemstone acting as the focal point.  Each one-of-a-kind design is handmade in his design studio located in Israel where he is inspired by his global surroundings.  

Organically shaped gemstones with deep earth-tones are amongst his favorite to work with, like the large emerald and sapphire doublet.  The unique shape is unlike any other–not round, not oval–just luscious and bold!  Same goes for the sky-blue aquamarine that completes this amazing 22k gold necklace.  Each link is handmade, with each airy yellow gold link connecting to the other, creating a superb piece.  

Rutilated quartz, with its golden angel hair inclusions, is a gemstone that evokes magic and mystery for Arik Kastan.  It is another favorite of his to create a dreamy design based around.  Currently, the largest gemstone used in an exclusive, one-of-a-kind design is a champagne colored sapphire that paired perfectly with the matte 22k gold used in the finished piece.  It deserves a standing ovation!  

Other gemstones used are some standout garnets that have such a rich saturation, they are almost off the charts!  Velvety green emeralds that evoke an Egyptian goddess round out the last batch of exclusive designs by Arik Kastan, all of which are solely sold through ArikKastan.com