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Gem Gossip Visits Wright & Teague in London! #LoveGold

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The Burlington Arcade in London is such a magical place.  If you love jewelry, it is a must-see–both artisan and designer jewelry, as well as some of the most incredible antique jewelry you’ve ever seen, all in one place. Each shop is set up with a storefront with a large window, and all the best eye-candy displayed beautifully, it is hard to NOT draw you in. To make matters worse, the main center aisle of the Burlington Arcade is lined with red carpet, making you feel as if you are a celebrity in your own movie, arranged to choose any piece of jewelry you want to take home.  If you wake yourself up from this fantasy like I did, I was eagerly at the doorstep of Wright & Teague–an ingenious duo who craft some exquisite jewelry.  

These two, better known as Gary Wright and Sheila Teague (hence Wright & Teague), have a gallery that glitters with gold and fine gemstones. I was intrigued by the long Mneme drop earrings right away, and had to try them on! They are created with concave forms of 18k yellow gold and are named after the Greek muse of memory. The earrings are designed to subtly light the face and create full-on glamour–I was fulfilling so many wishes all within the first few minutes of being there!  Next up–rings!  The earrings that graciously lit-up my face had their own ring counterpart, but very much larger and statement making.  The Phoenix Sun ring glowed on my hand, and the rubies added to the warmth of this aptly titled ring.  I paired it with the Daedalus ring and then also with their iconic Naga ring which features a serpent as a symbol of wisdom and rebirth.  

As I was about to bid farewell, I learned a surprising fact that turned this shop into an enchanting space. Below us…below the showroom…lies a workshop that could rival Santa’s secret workshop in the North Pole! Instead of toy-making, jewelry making, designing, brainstorming, hammering, casting…is done here.  Each piece that was beautifully displayed in the showroom was made from beginning to end beneath the customers and shoppers daily.  

The musings and creative genius behind Wright & Teague is captured beautifully in this video, produced by Bonnie Wright, daughter of the duo.  If you log onto LoveGold, you can enter their prize drawing daily, which gives away three pieces of Wright & Teague gold jewelryTreasure Heart, Weeny Heart 18k gold necklace, OR Iliad 18k gold bangle OR Serengeti III 18k gold earrings!  


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