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Favorite Instagram Pictures: July 2014

claire_fivestory necessaryexcess liseannefrankfurt nakarmstrong deborahpagani erstwhilejewelry markatthemuseum jillnewman eriebasinby_couture/ylang23 hillarymacklowe bellandbird agelessheirloomsamedeonyc

claire_fivestory shows off an epic ring, a one-of-a-kind from Ara Vartanian

necessaryexcess has good taste in Rolex watches…and Cartier bracelets…and life

liseannefrankfurt captures a cool picture while visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium

nakarmstrong is such an incredibly talented jewelry designer, can’t get enough of his designs 

deborahpagani recently spotted on Rita Ora, she’s wearing the Geisha Fan ring

erstwhilejewelry knows how to pick them! gorgeous turquoise and diamond Victorian ring

markatthemuseum visited the Pier Antique Show and I just love this shot

jillnewman spotted this amazing necklace by Pasquale Bruni at Baselworld

eriebasin a hoard of new acquisitions is sometimes incredibly glamorous for this shop

by_couture was taken over by ylang23 and this picture of Joanne’s personal stash is bananas

hillarymacklowe has some pretty rings on display

bellandbird enjoys collecting salvaged photos from bygone lockets, so cool

AgelessHeirlooms scoped out this Victorian serpent bracelet and necklace that recently sold at Sothebys

amedeonyc totally wanting a turquoise skull and diamond ring like this one