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Gem Gossip Visits Shaesby in Austin, TX

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Shaesby‘s design studio is a very special place.  Behind the large wooden door lies a jewelry design space unlike any other which Shaesby has created as his oasis, filled with inspiration at every turn.  The modern, two-story building is surrounded by a serene koi pond and succulents, and gives off an ultra-cool vibe.  From the outside, one would not realize the extent of jewelry creation that is taking place on the inside!  From concept to reality and everything in between–that’s what goes down here!  Let’s take it from there…

The top floor design studio Shaesby calls his own is very inspiring.  The sunlight floods the room, where trinkets from his extensive travels and mood boards abound.  Faceted gemstones and a sketchbook lie open where ideas have just been formed.  The common area on the top floor is a workspace where the open design concept encourages collaboration and working together.  A large table front-and-center acted as a beautiful display where Shaesby’s pieces were laid out.  Rings that were fresh off the polishing wheel were set up side-by-side with ones that were 10 years old in design–a statement to the kind of jewelry Shaesby creates, timeless and forever fun.  I enjoyed my time at the table playing, stacking and mixing.  From bold cocktail rings to thin stackables, juicy, colorful gemstones to small, sparkly diamonds–it is all there!  The long-hanging earrings in Shaesby’s collection have me convinced he is the master at designing the most flattering dangles of them all. They are also conveniently light on wear so they can be an everyday staple.  His studs are also cool–allowing for stacking multiple piercings.  The Cielo Marquise bracelet and the Cypress Oval bangle were incredibly comfortable and easily a favorite.  

If you head downstairs, this portion of the design studio is where everything is created, or some might like to say, “where the magic happens.”  Several jeweler’s benches all in a row, a laser welder sits at the helm, along with a shelf of potent solutions and chemicals.  A walk down the hallway leads you to a polishing room, where we got a rare demonstration of the lost wax method of jewelry design, which involved fire, blazing hot temperatures, crucibles, and quenching.  It was amazing to watch and also realize the incredible capability of having every step of the jewelry making process at your fingertips.  Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in the Shaesby studio to ensure the highest level of quality–from casting and hand forging, to stone setting and welding, every production step occurs here.  When ordering a piece, it is designed for you, in a made-to-order fashion.  This is a rare thing in today’s world.  

I had such a fun visit to the Shaesby studio and loved every minute.  If any of the pieces above catch your eye and you would like more information, check out their website or email info@shaesby.com for details!