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Gem Gossip Visits Abercrombie Gems in Austin, TX

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Several months leading up to my jewelry-packed trip to Texas, I did some research on the best jewelry stores in Austin and didn’t find too many antique-only shops. Finding Abercrombie Gems was a real treat and after scrolling through their social media pages, I knew I was going to love this shop!  

The store opened in 1989 and showcases some amazing vintage and antique jewelry, specializing in Art Deco engagement rings and wedding bands for brides and grooms.  AJ’s father started the store, where AJ grew accustomed to jewelry and picked up a passion for bench work and design. When he took over the store in 2005, he continued to provide Austin with the best in antique jewelry, just like his father. His team consists of three jewelers in the workshop, a state-of-the-art laser welder, and most recently–the ability to work in CAD designing pieces on a computer. New custom jewelry designs can be made at the store, with AJ guiding the customer through each step of the process.  Pictured above are shots from inside the workshop, where all sorts of repairs take place.  It is nice to have a one-stop-shop for both buying and repairing, and their setup allows for this to happen efficiently.  Abercrombie Gems consistently buys jewelry, diamonds, gold, and silver on a daily basis and welcomes anyone looking to sell their pieces into their Austin storefront.  

Their display cases were uniquely set up using both antique boxes and trinkets, as well as modern displays. Each piece had something special about it…what AJ likes to call, “hand-curated.”  I was loving each piece and enjoyed stacking all the various ring styles. The hand-painted ceramic portrait ring was so cool and I also loved the vintage gold and enamel snake ring in bold black, yellow, and maroon which reminded me of one from my personal collection!  Fun vintage pieces from the 1960s/70s are also a love of mine and Abercrombie Gems has a nice selection. The diamond brooch featuring the dangling yellow diamond was one of my favorite pieces from the whole trip!  I could see it fashioned gorgeously on someone’s wedding dress.  

>> If any of the pieces  seen here catch your attention, feel free to call (512-328-7530) or email (agpmaustin@gmail.com) Abercrombie Gems for further details.


3008 Bee Caves Road, #100
Austin, TX 78746
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