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Gem Gossip Visits Platt Boutique in West Hollywood #LoveGold

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The West Coast has some great antique jewelry shops and when I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful state of California with LoveGold, I made sure to take some time to treasure hunt! A store like Platt Boutique has everything that meets the criteria of a potentially amazing store–family owned, has GIA Gemologists on staff, and has a taste of their selection of jewels online, which all are exactly what I’m looking for!

Those clues made for an exciting trip to West Hollywood, where Platt Boutique was nestled on a quiet road, next to the most delicious smelling restaurant. I was in heaven from the moment I walked in–enamored by each and every piece, all of which had a “hand-selected” feel. Just as someone’s jewelry box has a story to go along with each piece, so did each necklace, each pair of earrings, each ring…

I was especially in love with the French Edwardian Aquamarine and diamond ring (pictured above) that was gorgeous in design and pristine in condition. There were chunky gold bracelets that lined the case, most of which were vintage, signed pieces. I could picture so many of these worn in a movie or on the red carpet! I also loved the antique Georgian rings–I tried on three–that were done in yellow gold and each was so rare. The diamond bezel set memorial ring is dated October 1779 and features black enameling. So many unique necklaces as well–like the turquoise and diamond Victorian piece, and an early 19th Century Old Mine cut diamond pear-shape diamond necklace.

Signed pieces are big sellers for most antique jewelry stores, but unlike most stores, Platt Boutique has the cool and edgy signed pieces that no one else has. Take for instance a pair of Aldo Cipullo nail jabot pins or nail bracelets. So rare! And those Cartier panther rings? They have a couple! I was dying over a 1980s Hermes lock ring, which is no longer in production, and oddly enough exactly my size.

I had been right about this shop–it was a hit! A must-see for any antique jewelry collector and now a mark on my Jewelry Road Trip Map! I had such a warm and pleasant time hanging out with Larry’s father, who has been in the jewelry business in the Chicago area for years, now semi-retired and helps out at the shop. His son and daughter, Larry & Natasha, have followed in their father’s footsteps by opening up Platt Boutique in 2005. It was charming to hear stories about Larry as a young boy, eager to learn about gems and jewelry and how he always had a passion for the business! Hopefully I will get to meet Larry in person someday, but in the meantime I will keep dreaming about my visit to Platt Boutique! 🙂


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