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Gem Gossip Visits Arik Kastan in Beverly Hills

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I headed to the West Coast to cover a few Oscars events, and got a chance to visit the Arik Kastan studio!  With all the rings, earrings, bracelets and bangles, vintage links and padlocks, I felt like I was in vintage jewelry heaven. To be able to take all the pieces from the entire collection, both old and new, and physically mix and match them was the ultimate experience!  

I discovered new ways of layering necklaces–a triple strand was the magic number!  I wore two different padlocks on Arik Kastan’s signature vintage link necklaces, and one with no padlock in a short style.  What is unique about the vintage link necklaces is the closure can be hooked to any link, creating any exact length you desire. Whether you wear a low neckline or a crew neck style shirt, you can adjust your Arik Kastan chain accordingly, anytime! I even hooked the closure and made a lariat style necklace, which is so on trend at the moment. The same necklace can be two totally different looks! Mixing up the padlocks was also fun and changed up the style.  You could go for a dramatic look with a dark stone in a round or oval shape, or fun and quirky using the heart shape in a lighter color.

Many new ring styles caught my attention, along with bold color combinations.  I was hypnotized by the dreamy moonstones and labradorites, and obsessed over the new turquoise pieces.  The ring on my left pointer finger is the newest to land on my wish list.  I love how it looks like a totally different ring, just because of the gemstones. One is all diamonds and the other is all sapphires.  I can’t decide which one I like better, can you? I’m also loving the new cocktail style rings, since BIG is in!

You can play with Arik Kastan jewels too!  Just check out your nearest Arik Kastan retailer and have fun!

Like any pieces you see me wearing?  Send us an email!

Available at: TwistRosearkGreenwich JewelersJaimie Geller Jewelry, and Zaltas Gallery.