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Gem Gossip Visits Louis Anthony Jewelers in Pittsburgh, PA

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For over 20 years, Louis Anthony Jewelers has been serving the fine people of Pittsburgh with one key aspect in mind–to make their store an extension of their home. This concept becomes a reality the moment you walk into their showroom; its warm and welcoming interior and (in my opinion) their comfy and cozy ambiance.  It is a gathering place for celebrating special occasions, where life-long customers come to not only pick out a gift to commemorate, but to visit and catch up with friends, who just happen to own a jewelry store. The crystal chandeliers and cool light fixtures give off an inviting glow and the jewelry cases display such a wide variety of lines that will suit almost any taste.  

It truly is a family affair at Louis Anthony Jewelers, where Lou and Veronica, a husband and wife team, began the store, which now employs all of their children–son Lou III, and daughters Amie and Vanessa. Each member of the family provides their special talents to the store, creating a great dynamic. Keeping it all in the family has been one of Louis Anthony Jewelers’ secrets to success!  Lou’s passion of wanting to provide the best kind of customer service in the business of jewelry is what led him to take a leap of faith and open his own store–and its this same passion you can see today! 

I met with Amie, who has a love for fashion, styling and gemstones. She gave me the tour of the store, highlighting many designers which have been with Louis Anthony Jewelers for many years.  In fact, their store has been known to be a trailblazer in terms of taking on new designers, taking risks and doing well.  It was also really cool to see how Amie’s love for jewelry has turned into her own jewelry line called Amelia Jewel. The line fuses precious and rare beads with one-of-a-kind elements to create some stunning pieces.  She gets inspired every time she travels to Tucson for the gem show and comes back ready to design and create more fabulous pieces.  As Assistant Buyer, Amie helps with curating what is offered at the store and her eye has drawn in a younger crowd of customers.  Her brother Lou III showed me what he is currently working on–a jaw-dropping custom engagement ring design featuring an oval cut diamond flanked on each side by two very large tapered baguette cut diamonds.  He is also creating a ring for a customer who collects blue diamonds–this one featuring a 1.07 ct natural light blue cushion cut diamond that is GIA certified.  Youngest daughter Vanessa couldn’t be sweeter and it is her that is in charge of all of Louis Anthony Jewelers’ social media platforms.  Anything from Facebook, to Twitter and Instagram, Vanessa is the one doing all the posting and keeping fans informed.

Such a wide variety of designers can be found at Louis Anthony Jewelers, Pittsburgh is very lucky!  I was excited to see some global influence, like Stephen Webster (London), Etho Maria (Spain), Mattioli (Italy), and lots of American designers.  Pleve diamonds really caught my attention–each piece is designed by artists rather than jewelers and the diamonds are hand set in a mosaic pattern in a sort of ceramic, kind of like grout is to tile. The colors and patterns are very inspiring and each piece is essentially one-of-a-kind.  Another line which had been a favorite of mine since discovering them at Luxury Prive Preview in NYC is Marli.  Known for their super trendy yet classic designs, Louis Anthony Jewelers carries some of their most popular pieces.  I took their Iris earrings for a spin, along with the matching bangle and a few assorted rings of theirs. One can achieve a little bit of trendy, uptown chic right here in Pittsburgh with the Marli line.  Check out their website for the full run-down on all the jewelry designers that they carry.

Thanks so much for welcoming me into your “home,” Louis Anthony Jewelers‘ crew! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this unique and fun family-owned store and hope you stop by the next time you’re in Pittsburgh!

Louis Anthony Jewelers

Louis Anthony Jewelers

1775 N Highland Rd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15241

(412) 854-0310

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