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Gem Gossip Visits Bario Neal in Philadelphia, PA

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Bario Neal is an innovative and ethical jewelry studio/showroom based in Philadelphia who have been in business since 2007.  My visit to their shop on S. 6th Avenue brought me to a way cooler version of a jewelry workshop, where customers can come and see bench jewelers working in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Pieces are being crafted as customers stop by and browse the finished goods in the cases, and designs can be created and customized to each’s tastes.  All of their jewelry is made right in their shop by hand using recycled metals and Fairmined gold, with a due diligence and great respect for the environment.  Aspects like that which are so important to Bario Neal help define them as a business and set them apart from others! I saw first-hand what else sets them above the rest as well!

Not only is their store setup really unique, but their engagement ring designs are as just as individualized as each couple that calls them their own.  My favorite are the Marquise Morganite ring, the Narrow Half Eternity band and the Pear Trillion ring. A navette style ring is something that I love–so this Marquise Morganite ring is a definite favorite.  I love how the silhouette of the ring mimics the center stone, however it is turned, set East-West.  The morganite is set in a milgrain bezel in 14k rose gold, with your choice of polish or matte finish.  The delicate diamond half eternity band is perfect for those brides-to-be who want a diamond band that is thin and dainty, something that doesn’t take away from the presence of the engagement ring.  It is made to fit and set with 16 full cut diamonds, all of which have been ethically sourced. The Pear Trillion ring is made up of exactly what it says–a pear cut diamond and a trillion cut diamond.  Both unconventional cuts paired together make them even cooler. Set in a peak style, this ring provides some amazing, unexpected comfort. The ring was specially designed so that pairing a wedding band with it would be no problem–the sides are built with a notch to fit any type of band so it sits flush! It was so fun seeing and trying on the pieces in person!

I’m also obsessed with their numerous stud earrings, especially since studs are my favorite kind of earring! I love how they are displayed in the jewelry case–almost in a collage style in a white plaster mount.  The styles allow for you to be able to create your own earring stack without ever having to go anywhere else! Sticks, points, geometric shapes, enamel colors and fun gemstones make up the Bario Neal stud line up.  I made my own ear-stack with the sapphire slice earrings in 14k gold, limited edition Chao bar studs 14k gold and the Senna studs in black enamel and 18k gold.

Designers Anna Bario and Page Neal have excelled in the engagement ring and wedding band department by bringing new and unique designs to the public. Their existing collection has charmed brides and grooms all over the US, not just Philadelphia, thanks to their online shop. The designers are excited to unveil new styles which will be added to their lineup, with custom work also in their repertoire.  I got a peek at some new, never-before-seen pieces that will be debuting soon!  The rings include a double half-moon ring which features two half-moon cut sapphires set in either white gold or yellow gold.  The silhouette on that ring is so unique!  Another navette shaped style, the trillion ring, takes two trillion cut sapphires and points them north-south for an elongated look.  Excited to see these and a few others debut soon.

I loved learning so much about how Bario Neal works and seeing their jewelry come to life as I played and tried things on.  It was such a pleasure meeting everyone and visiting the store!  Thanks Bario Neal!  

>> Photos above taken by Constance Mensh & Mary Miele for Gem Gossip.




Bario Neal

700 S. 6th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 454-2164

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