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Louison Rare + Fine Protection Collection – Italian Gold Medallions

Louison Fine Jewelry | religious medallion

Louison Fine Jewelry | religious medallion

Louison Fine Jewelry | religious medallion

I am beyond excited to talk about this very special piece of jewelry that was made just for my son, Gino. As an Italian-American, I noticed a void in the American jewelry market for old school Italian religious medals — these heirloom pieces that we would receive as kids with every sacrament we completed, from Baptism on up to Confirmation. Italian protection medals that were given to us by family and worn every single day, becoming a part of our identity. All I’ve been able to find are cheap looking ones that resemble mall kiosk jewelry and not what I wanted — which was a piece that looked as though I traveled to Italy and brought back with me to gift and have it become a family treasure.

That’s until I saw the Protection Collection recently launched by fellow Italian-American, Brooklyn-born and NYC forever, Angela Louison of Louison Rare + Fine. This collection not only reflects her upbringing but is a legacy in the making. These protection medallions feature the finest craftsmanship, each handmade in NYC’s diamond district. There’s quite a few to choose from, with different saints and some depicting zodiac signs, so there’s something for everyone. I love all the variety of shapes and various themes running throughout the collection.

Gino’s special medal depicts St. Anthony, the founder saint. Gino’s actual name is Anthony Gino, so I thought that was fitting (named Anthony after my dad, who is Antonio). Angela made it even more special by customizing the quatrefoil shaped medal and adding Gino’s birthstone to it (emeralds for May). I just love how it turned out and I know he will be wearing it for years to come. It makes me emotional to think that he will possibly pass it down to his son or daughter one day…but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

I highly recommend checking out Louison Rare + Fine and paging through their Protection Collection. That special family heirloom awaits!