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Featured Etsy Shop: Leola Revives

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As an antique jewelry collector, I am seeing how difficult it is becoming at finding great, unique pieces. A shop like Leola Revives is like having a European best friend who searches out all the amazing treasures that part of the world has to offer! Kristina is the founder of the online shop, where she has taken a lifelong love of collecting and turned it into a sought-after treasure trove for collectors.  With nearly two years under her belt in this business, she has learned to trust her style instincts and obsession for things of the past.  Selling antique jewelry has been a dream come true and she also loves reworking antique parts and pieces into unique designs, like conversion rings, pendants, and cuff rings.  Her acrostic collection (first letter of each gemstone spells out a word) is custom made; antique with a modern twist!  What I love most of all is her photography and artistic aesthetic is off the charts!  Each photo is precisely planned out with beautiful colors and killer nail art.  Customers love to get ideas from her photos on how to style certain pieces and wear antique jewelry in a modern-day setting.

So why the name Leola Revives?  The Leola part comes from the name Leo, a popular Victorian name and the Revives part comes from the act of reviving old things! Kristina explains, “This two part name represents the spirit of the women that passed these gorgeous objects to us and my philosophy of cherishing and reviving these beautiful jewels and giving them a new lease on life.”

What is unique about Kristina and her shop is the fact that she is located in Budapest, Hungary.  This allows her access to some incredible European jewels, while only having to travel a few hours to be in the midst of some amazing antique fairs within several European countries.  She has a wanderlust spirit, living in both the North American and European continents, and can speak five languages!  Currently, Leola Revives has been adding lots of new pieces to the Etsy shop, with some new favorites pictured above just finished. Kristina can accommodate almost any custom antique conversions that one can dream up–so inquire as you please! And stay tuned for several more handmade collections–some of which will feature recycled antique elements and others which will not. You’ll have to see for yourself, they are incredible!

Some above favorite pieces featured:

Victorian hear and arrow pearl and turquoise necklace, Price: $885

Victorian amethyst and seed pearl insect necklace, Price: $3,445

Adorable double forget-me-not flower ring, Price: $425

Edwardian three stone ring set with turquoise and pearls, Price: $385

Victorian double heart ring set with turquoise and pearls, Price: $685

Victorian heart dangle necklace featuring turquoise, Price: $895


Etsy shop: Leola Revives
Instagram: @LeolaRevives