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Gem Gossip Covers JCK Luxury in Las Vegas, 2015

jck IMG_0351 IMG_0550 IMG_0395 Tanzanite makes for a great accent stone! Love this ring from @andreolifinejewelry and the bejeweled flower brooch in the background is made of titanium! Super light-weight for its size! #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas #SofraGem sitting pretty. #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas The prettiest jaw-dropping diamonds found at @davidmorjewelry 😎 #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas Mother of pearl rings from @kabanajewelry --the darker purple stones are spiny oyster shell and come in a few different colors depending on what the oyster's diet consists of! You are what you eat! #showmeyourrings #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas Learning how to photograph a diamond from @naderkashinternational @thezenobia Genius! Why did I ever buy olloclip?! #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas The ring Michelle Obama wore to a dinner party at Buckingham Palace, paired with individual stacking rings all by @dicksonyewn #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas #luxeinteligence An eye-opening, educational personal tour through the life and jewelry designs of @scottkayusa -- I'm wearing a fringe pearl, diamond and ruby tassel necklace hand made by Scott Kay himself of deerskin. Love this #quote said by him as well! #LUXURYbyJCK # Finally got to meet @sethicouture at #LUXURYbyJCK  Their new Heritage collection is very touching, you've got to hear their story of visiting India and being inspired by everything around them!! I captured this photo in between listening.... (Stacking has My first day at #LUXURYbyJCK and I go straight for a 15.54 ct fancy brownish yellow diamond -- internally flawless!! From @jackkelegejewelry #GemGossipdoesVegas IMG_0521

My first time ever attending a JCK show in Vegas this year—I made sure to prepare for lots of jewelry, glitz and glamour, interesting characters and some fun!  JCK Luxury kicked off on Tuesday, May 26th and ran through Monday, June 1st.  I was there on opening day and also the following day, since making my rounds to over 200 exhibitors couldn’t be done in just one day!  With an elegant setup and incomparable events planned throughout the week, JCK Luxury is not to be missed.  I think it is perfect for a store who is looking for a few mainstream lines to be the lead-sellers within their store.  The show is made up of designers and manufacturers that do just that!  

Scott Kay is fully represented at JCK Luxury, a brand most know of when you hear the name.  We can thank the designer himself for this, as he was a pioneer in taking things to the next level and pushing the boundaries.  His bridal designs are the best selling amongst all of others sold in stores across America.  To see his legacy before my eyes was a really touching experience, surrounded by his designs, quotes from his life, and even hand-carved wax pieces, things he was very proud of.  

Other highlights from JCK Luxury include meeting Payal Shah, designer behind L’dezen, trying on pieces by Andreoli Fine Jewelry, speaking with the designer behind Kabana Jewelry, and stopping in my tracks after every HUGE fancy colored diamond I saw.  The show was truly unreal.   

I had been a fan of Payal Shah for such a long time—her jewelry designs are pieces of art using diamond slices in various colors.  I even named her a “Jewelry Designer to Watch in 2014” in a blog post.  It was awesome to finally get to meet her and also hear about her new InstaJewel app which is free to download.  Such a cool idea! 

Andreoli Fine Jewelry is a family-run jewelry company which first began in 1845 in Valenza, Italy.  The Italian heritage is seen throughout each and every one of their designs.  I first fell in love with a pair of coral and emerald tassel earrings I saw at Luxury Privé in NYC last year.  It was amazing to get to see so many pieces from their collection at JCK Luxury in Vegas—my favorites are the elongated ring accented by trillion tanzanites and the carved emerald and diamond necklace/earring suite I got to try on.  There are SO many others!

I also got to meet the sisters behind Sethi Couture—Pratima and Prerna, a line I’ve had a crush on for so long!  I loved learning about their journey to designing jewelry and about their new collection called Heritage which was inspired by a visit to India where everything they were surrounded by influenced them tremendously.  Photographing some of their new pieces was so much fun.

Like I said before, BIG fancy colored diamonds made a huge impact on all of my senses when walking the aisles.  I almost always stopped dead in my tracks to check out the stones.  David Mor Jewelry and Jack Kelege Jewelry had some of the most impressive, photographed above.  Could you imagine owning one of those?!

Kabana Jewelry was a delightful stop in between running around, with an incredible hand-painted back-drop and colorful theme going on.  I never realized how interesting and lust-worthy mother-of-pearl jewelry can be!  The colors were so vivid and bright, where the secret to that is actually diet.  The spiny oyster shell displays its color based on what the oyster’s diet consists of—I guess they are right, you are what you eat!   

Other highlights and photos above:

a snapshot of what many booths look like, these colors caught my attention

sapphire and diamond rings that are over-the-top from David Mor Jewelry

Payal Shah showing off her designs, like this incredible ear cuff and full-finger ring

Andreoli Fine Jewelry titanium flower brooch in the background, with my favorite tanzanite accent ring worn

Sofra Gem has some really pretty gemstone rings and earrings

a pair of jaw-dropping fancy yellow diamond rings from David Mor Jewelry

great new designs from Kabana Jewelry featuring mother-of-pearl and spiny oyster shell

at the Nader Kash booth learning how to photograph a loose diamond–a loupe and an iPhone

Dickson Yewn is a designer from Hong Kong, with this square shape ring actually being worn by Michelle Obama

at the Scott Kay event celebrating his legacy and quotes of his life, wearing a multi-dangle pearl necklace

stacking up my favorite rings from Sethi Couture, love their new Heritage collection

this incredible 15.54 ct. fancy brownish yellow diamond, internally flawless from Jack Kelege Jewelry

wearing this carved emerald and diamond suite from Andreoli Fine Jewelry

>> Thanks so much, JCK Luxury!!