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Gem Gossip Collaborates: Four Gemstones, Two Jewelry Mavens

I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Garrahan while in Los Angeles at one of LoveGold‘s events.  Our love for jewelry instantly bonded us and we definitely wanted to collaborate to bring our readers something fun! We decided upon picking four gemstonesEmerald, Sapphire, Moonstone & Tourmaline–and each pick two pieces of jewelry that we loved which featured each stone in the best way possible.  My take was to search on 1stdibs, a website I continually browse and adore, and pull pieces that were antique or vintage.  Rachel chose to make her selections from designers based where she lives–LA, hopping in her car (naturally) to search the city’s best boutiques from Single Stone on Mission Street on the eastside, to Broken English and Jaimie Geller on the westside, to hunt down the finest gems on offer. 

Rachel writes about fashion and jewellery for publications including the Financial Times and The Jewellery Editor, most recently acting as guest editor for the luxury gem magazine’s Oscars and US award season coverage. Originally from London, she has lived in Los Angeles for eight years and enjoys designing and making jewellery when she’s not writing about it.

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Picks from Gem Gossip:

18th Century Columbian Emerald brooch set in 24k gold, from Wayne Smith Jewels, via 1stdibs

c. 1890s Russian emerald and diamond ring, from Romanov Russia via 1stdibs

Picks from Rachel:

18k yellow gold 4.61 carat emerald surrounded by French cut diamonds ring, handcrafted by Single Stone

Irene Neuwirth 18 karat yellow gold one of a kind necklace with mixed Colombian emeralds 

XXX_513_1379965123_1 XXX_229_1382471595_1 Cathy Waterman sapphire ring Twist IMG_8385


Picks from Gem Gossip:

18k white gold and titanium sapphire and diamond drop earrings designed by Gioia via 1stdibs

Hemmerle inverted sapphire earrings set in red gold and copper, from FD Gallery via 1stdibs 

Picks from Rachel:

Cathy Waterman blue sapphire and diamond garland ring in 22 karat gold from Twist

Lou Zeldis tiered rough sapphire earrings set in 22 karat yellow gold from Broken English


XXX_30_1356035750_1 XXX_104_1357596211_1 20140319_130705 Dale moonstone necklace 1


Picks from Gem Gossip:

Antique Moonstone and Diamond blue enamel 18k yellow gold bracelet from Fourtane via 1stdibs

English, circa 1890s heart-shaped moonstone and diamond ring from Ralph Lauren via 1stdibs

Picks from Rachel:

Dale Hernsdorf rainbow moonstone and 18k yellow gold necklace from Dale Hernsdorf

Suzanne Kalan grey moonstone earrings with champagne diamonds, 18k rose gold from Jaimie Geller Jewelry

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Picks from Gem Gossip:

Shades of tourmaline pendant/brooch from the Edwardian Era done in 15k gold from The Three Graces

1930s Pink Tourmaline necklace set in 14k white gold topped gold from The Three Graces

Picks from Rachel:

Loriann Stevenson Paraiba tourmaline cuff set in 18 karat yellow gold from Broken English

Arman rubelite tourmaline ring in 22 karat yellow gold and oxidized silver from Single Stone on Mission Street