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Engagement Rings

I came across a website which specializes in antique and estate jewelry.  As I was checking it out, I realized what a great selection of engagement rings they had to offer!  I think a lot of people underestimate the Internet when ring shopping.  Right away one might think it would be too risky or a rip-off.  However, these sellers have been doing this sort of thing for years, and if they did happen to sell you a fake diamond, you could probably get them in a lot of trouble.  Anyway, my advice to you is to shop around!  It won’t hurt to look on the Internet.  And you never know, there might be that special ring somewhere in cyberspace waiting–the perfect one!  Remember, you will be wearing this baby “til death do you part.”  So make it a good one!

rosecutemerald cut

My top two picks from the website I found, Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry, are shown above. The first one being a rose cut, which is unique because it is more like 3-D, where it juts out alittle ways, rather than being flush with the prongs. I like the style of it and the cut. It is 1.35 carats, which is big but not too overwhelming, and is priced at $7950. The Emerald cut ring is breathtaking! This one is 1.89 carats and set in platinum…so right there sets the bar pretty high. I like how the center stones and the side stones match and I also like how the side stones are set with the bezels instead of prongs. Are you ready for the price? $14750!

Which one do you like better?