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Obsession: Vintage-Inspired Necklaces

My favorite kind of necklaces or pendants are ones that have a vintage-inspired look to them. They look more intricate and have a unique style of their own. The above picture has two great examples. They often have a chandelier look to them or dangles of diamonds. Some prominent symbols are bows, hearts, or drops. Many jewelry stores carry brand new pieces that have the estate-style to them, while other times you can buy the real thing at antique stores or online. Here are three examples of my top choices:

This 14k white gold necklace has round and baguette diamonds that weigh a total of 1/3 of a carat. It is from Reeds Jewelers, which has stores located in the upstate New York area, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Price: $399.


This necklace I have been eyeing for quite sometime! I love the bow at the top and the two pear-shaped sapphires dangling. This is a true vintage piece from 1910. It is priced at $7395 from Ross-Simons. Their estate selection is always amazing!

This last one comes from Fay Cullen. It is from the Art Deco time period and is a pear-shaped citrine hanging from 18k white gold scrolling. So beautiful and for a price of $780.