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Top Five Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 with Sylvie Collection

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

SPONSORED Can you believe we are about to enter a whole new decade? So crazy — excited for what is to come and as we look into the future, it is always nice to have some predictions. A big question is what trends we will be seeing for engagement rings as we enter this new year and I’ve teamed up with Sylvie Collection to help me illustrate what some of these look like!

Will there be a specific stone cut that everyone will obsess over? Or metal color? Or what about design trend? We will answer all these questions here. And the most important part of this, especially if you should choose a Sylvie Collection piece as your engagement ring, is that you get to decide all these aspects in order to create a ring that truly reflects your style and taste. Sylvie can customize metal color, stone shape and size, even design details along with her creations to give you what you want (because that’s what is most important).

Here are the FIVE ENGAGEMENT RING TRENDS I am predicting:

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

1 — Oval cut center stone

Wondering what the hottest diamond cut will be for 2020? I’m predicting ovals! Whether you like them proportioned evenly or oddly shaped, the oval is winning the popular vote. Sometimes an oval can appear bigger than what it actually weighs, which is one reason for its popularity. I like how they elongate the finger and cover more area than a round stone would of the same size. It is the perfect cut for someone who is wanting something classic but not necessarily a round cut stone. An oval engagement ring is classic with a bit of edge.

Sylvie Collection has lots of options for oval lovers, as most of her designs can be customized to accommodate any shape/size diamond. I especially love this one (above) style S1924 — as shown it fits a 1.25 carat center and I love it in white gold. This particular style starts at $1430 and is waiting for a center stone.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

2 — Vintage styles

We all know how much I love vintage jewelry, but so do you! Vintage styles will be trending for designer engagement rings in 2020. What is great about the ones Sylvie Collection designs is that they incorporate all your favorite intricacies of true vintage pieces but with modern technology. I know a lot of people who are hesitant to buy a true vintage piece as an engagement ring simply because they don’t want something that is secondhand, they want to be the first to own the piece, or what I hear quite often (but don’t believe in) is they think vintage engagement ring have bad juju.

I love the milgrain detail on this particular vintage engagement ring designed by Sylvie Collection. It has a daintiness to it but is also pleasantly striking. This style is S1132 and it starts at $2750, with this one pictured showing it with a one carat center.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

3 — Hidden Halos

By far and away halos were the biggest engagement ring trend of the 2000s. There are so many great aspects of a halo, especially creating a larger look or even a completely different look simply by adding a circle of diamonds around the center stone. Moving on from this trend will be tough, so hidden halos are the next big thing. These are secretive and only between the wearer and the ring itself. Maybe from up top your ring looks like a typical solitaire, but from the side you reveal a whole new set of diamonds. That’s the fun part about hidden halos.

Sylvie Collection makes a gorgeous example, style S1953, with prices start at $1540. I also love how detailed it is and I know how special it would feel to have those hidden diamonds for only your eyes.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

4 — Three-Stone rings

A trend that became very popular this year and will continue into the new decade are three-stone rings. There are so many possibilities with this style and I’m loving the example I have for you from Sylvie Collection. It features an emerald cut center and baguettes on the sides. This look feels ultra-chic and elegant. If you’re noticing how large that center stone looks on my finger, it is a 2 carat! I love this look in white gold like shown. Three-stone rings can symbolize past, present, future…or three people like husband, wife and child.

The emerald cut and baguette side stone ring from Sylvie Collection is style S1961 and this starts at $4335. Don’t forget it can be customized to your liking!

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

5 — Classic Solitaire

What can I say, a classic solitaire engagement ring will never go out of style. It will be one of the most popular engagement ring styles today, tomorrow, ten years from now, 50 years from now. There is something to be said with simplicity and a four-prong setting. Although a round cut stone is the most traditional and popular — a solitaire can be done in any shape or cut. Diamonds running down the sides are also a nice touch and really make the piece sparkle.

Sylvie Collection has an entire section on her website devoted to solitaire engagement ring settings. This particular one I’m wearing is S2093 with a one carat center stone.

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