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Diamond found in Africa may be one of the World’s Largest!

Well I have two interesting stories today–one about a diamond that has recently been discovered in Africa and another about how you can possibly find a diamond hidden in your Secret deodorant!

So recently, September 8th actually, the mining company called Gem Diamonds based in London, made a discovery of a 478 carat rough diamond!  That may be one of the top 20 largest diamonds ever discovered.  Since the gem has not been cut and polished yet, they are still unsure of what they could potentially have.  A spokesman has said that it could possibly be at least 150 carats when all is said and done.  To compare that to other famous diamonds, I’ve added these pictures.  The diamond remains unnamed.  I’m excited to hear what happens with that.  You can read more about famous diamonds at this interesting website devoted to world-famous diamonds: http://famousdiamonds.tripod.com/famousdiamonds.html

koh-i-noor-diamond Koh-i-Noor diamond, 105 carats

;;'[pp 76 carats, found in the same mineMy other story is pretty exciting…how would you like it if you were getting ready early in the morning, and while you put on your deodorant, you felt something funny?  Only to discover it was a diamond gamepiece, which means you are the winner of a 1 carat diamond from Secret’s Diamond Giveaway Sweepstakes!  That could be the case…from now until June of next year, Secret is promoting their new deodorant called flawless by giving away a flawless diamond worth $15,000!  To be eligible, just buy the deodorant that has the special label featuring the prize giveaway and see if yours has a diamond gamepiece hidden inside.  You can also enter your email address by following this link, and receive a game code in your email.  Other prizes will be given away, like Visa gift cards, movie tickets, and restaurant gift cards.  You can check back to the site to see who wins!