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Diamonds: C is for Cut


Everyone is different, just as different as the numerous diamond shapes that the jewelry industry has to offer. Luckily the variety is able to be wide enough for everyone to enjoy. Of course each person has a favorite diamond cut. With all the diamond rings available, diamond cut may be the one aspect you can narrow your search down to and still keep sane. At GIA we call these Fancy Cuts. So which cut is your favorite?


Princess cut developed in the late 1970s.  Yields 80% of rough, and is very brilliant.  The princess cut is popular in channel settings or invisible settings because of their straight sides.  It became extremely popular during the late 1990s and early 2000s as the number one choice of diamond cut in an engagement ring.



The pear shape is a hybrid of the marquise and round cuts–with one pointed end and one round end.  The pear looks graceful dangling as a pendant or earring, and many differ in length-to-width proportions, and can have a differing appeal.  Long and skinny pear shapes may not be appealing to some, but another may think it is perfect for a pendant.  The pear shape provides just as much brilliance as a round.


The oval shaped diamond is always said to be very classic, but with a twist.  Oval sometimes looks larger face-up than a round of the same weight.  


Marquise, also called navette shaped, gained popularity in bridal jewelry in the 1970s.  Although the cut has been around since the 1900s and is seen in many Art Deco designs.  Traditionally the marquise cut diamond is set in a ring with the pointed sides positioned vertically, however it is quite unique to see a marquise set horizontal.  



Heart shaped diamonds are an obvious symbol of love.  The lobes of a heart can vary, giving you a different appeal of sizes–do you like a fat heart, a narrow heart, one with a long point?  The variations are numerous! The points of hearts can chip or break easily, so it is important to have it set in a protective setting.  


The emerald cut is a rectangular step cut, with clean lines that give a diamond a sleek look.  The brilliance is quite different than a typical round diamond and is often done using high clarity stones since the facets easily reveal inclusions.  

ring photos courtesy of 1stdibs & Israel Rose