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Designer Spotlight: Scosha NYC

Us adults need our version of the friendship bracelet.  This is where designer Scosha comes in, bringing you a mix of friendship-like bracelets reminiscent of our childhood’s past.  Only this version is much cooler, has some diamonds added, and made of vintage fishing line.  Give a girlfriend one of these, and I’m sure you’ll be best friends forever.  Love how these bracelets can be worn with other stackable kinds.  They have just the right amount of sparkle.


This bracelet comes from the Poetry Wheel Collection in Scosha’s line. The turquoise, yellow gold and black color combination is just beautiful. This dainty, little bracelet is made of antique silk fly fishing line that has been braided. Can you believe a single line can hold up to 120 pounds?! All the gold is solid, 10k yellow. Price: $550


These bracelets come from the Caravan Collection--with your choice of ruby, emerald or sapphire. This one has a 14k button closure, with a black and white braided fishing line look. Price: $235 each.

Want one with more sparkle? This one’s for you. It features small, gold rondel beads with the middle bead set with diamonds. From the Jessijean Collection, this bracelet consists of black fishing line crafted so that it adjusts to fit any wrist. A couple of these on and you will sparkle into the night! Each are $179.