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Summer Time Jewelry


Photo Courtesy of Penshire Media

The sun is shining, temperatures are soaring…it is a hot mess being outdoors these days, especially living in the south. It is a good idea to be aware of what jewelry you are wearing in the hot summer months. One must think of what your day will entail, and then plan what jewelry would be practical. Like today, for example, a BBQ was planned–had to leave the rings at home! BBQ sauce on diamond rings is not fun. Or places like amusement parks and swimming pools: proof that the less jewelry you wear, the better. You wouldn’t want to lose something valuable or sentimental at a park or pool.

I have picked out a few pieces below that are great summertime options, that stand out on their own without needing to accessorize any further. Wearing one of these pieces alone will be a perfect, you wouldn’t need anything more.


This bracelet can easily stand alone on any wrist and be bright and beautiful. The flowers give it a summery look and bracelets are less likely to get dirty, making it a perfect option. Great for those who need to wear diamonds but want to wear less during summertime activities. From Dumont Estate Jewelry, circa 1950s, it features a foxtail link all done in 18k white gold. Price: $4775


If you have a camping or boating or bike trip planned, but you feel “naked” without your rings, this is a great option. Not only is it very earthy itself, but the craftsmanship of this ring will allow you to put your mind at ease while wearing it. Although opal is tough to clean, the bezel setting is much better than a classic prong setting which allows dirt to get up underneath the stone. This ring could easily be wiped with a soapy rag. Designed by Californian, Melissa Joy Manning and priced at $350, can be found at The Clay Pot.


This bracelet is perfect for warm weather. It is easy to throw on and it molds to fit your wrist, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off. Complete with 18k yellow gold caps, it is priced at $286, found at Persimmon and designed by Francisca Botelho.