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Christie’s Auction: Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels


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I became religious and obsessive (along with many others) over checking the Christies website for updates on the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection upcoming auction. Well the day has finally come–today I recieved my catalogues in the mail–volumes one and two of Taylor’s collection all in full page, color images with details and photos of her wearing some of the jewels. It is definitely a jewelry enthusiast’s dream-world on each page.

Up for auction in December are over-the-top pieces from designers like Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Lorraine Schwartz, to name a few… You have the fame behind each piece of jewelry, along with a romance or story behind each one as well. I was surprised by how many pieces are denoted in the description as “gift from Michael Jackson” or “gift from Richard Burton on her 40th birthday.” It seems as though with each holiday or milestone within her life, she commemorated it with a piece of jewelry. Something new I learned was that Elizabeth Taylor actually designed some jewelry herself, branding it as “House of Taylor”–with several pieces being up for auction as well.

One of my favorite pieces up for auction are the multi-colored sapphire and diamond “Ball” ear clips designed by JAR. Each earring is set in a bombe style with blue, green, and violet sapphires. JAR designed them with Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color in mind. They are beautiful!

The sale takes place at Christie’s Auction house in NYC. The dates are December 13th & 14th–Session I is in the evening on Tuesday, and Session II & III take place Wednesday. I have a feeling the prices realized come auction close will be record-breaking! Whoever ends up in possession of any of the pieces will hopefully carry on Taylor’s grace and beauty with each one.

DSCF2519 DSCF2516 DSCF2514 DSCF2513 DSCF2515 [snapshots from my catalogues]