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Charm Bracelet or Charm Necklace? #LoveGold

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I’ve been collecting gold charms for quite sometime now, and I’ve been inspired to finally put together either a charm bracelet or charm necklace…just not sure which one to choose!  If you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed I sometimes post photos of jewelry that I am appraising for clients.  I recently appraised a woman’s gold charm bracelet which contained a lifetime of memories in the form of gold!  She had 35 gold charms, all depicting different aspects of her life–charms that represent travel (palm tree, islands, cruise ships, Eiffel tower), charms that represent children and grandchildren (gold child profiles with engraved names and birthdates), and charms that represent hobbies/loves (gold tennis racket, horse, dogs).  It was an amazing finished piece.

However, I’ve also seen some gorgeous charm necklaces in various lengths.  So before deciding which to create, I sat down and took a look at my charm collection to help me decide!  

I have several all gold charms, some religious medallions, and a bunch of stickpins converted into charms (and some that have yet to be converted).  I also have a few gold bracelets that could be potential charm bracelets. 

So, which would you do–a charm bracelet or a charm necklace??

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