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The Original Miami Antique Show 2018

The Miami Antique Show’s final year at the Miami Dade Expo Center location. I will miss you rainbow neon sing. Two of my favorite pieces found at the show–this insane opal butterfly brooch from DK Bressler and this 5.52… Read More

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Jewelry Shows

Tucson Gem Show: My Tips, Recommendations & All You Need to Know

Well, I finally feel like I’ve “conquered” Tucson and know the gem shows enough to write this blog post! This year marked my third attending–not consecutively but third time in my life. You can read about my first time visiting the Tucson Gem Shows here, and my… Read More

Jewelry Shows

AGTA GemFair 2018 in Tucson, AZ

Ready to take on the AGTA GemFair this year! Come along as I spend some time at this unique gem show. If you’re willing to fight the crowds at Mayer & Watt’s booth, your patience will pay off big time because they… Read More

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Jewelry Shows

David Webb Makes Their Debut at Couture

Don’t ever say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. At nearly 70 years old, David Webb still reigns supreme as an iconic, American jewelry house full of the most exquisite designs. One look at a David Webb piece and you… Read More

Jewelry Shows

The Top Jewelry Trends Seen at Couture 2017

After acclimating to normal life, and when I say normal I mean not having to take 700+ photos per day while meeting one jewelry designer after the other all while trying to look like I haven’t just slept for 4 hours and only eaten a diet that could sustain… Read More

Jewelry Shows

Top Five Pieces I Wanted to Take Home With Me at Couture 2017

This year the Couture show opened its doors to hundreds of buyers and press from all over the world, while I walked in a day late of opening day, I was quick and eager to dive into all that it had to offer. Each designer stood beaming… Read More